Hoke Comments on Ohio State Game

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  • I LOVE the intro and audio!! The coolest one on there is OSU with the Buckeyes in the L....using that as my segue.....the L is apropos to the Ohio St. considering my Buck the Fuckeyes stance!!!!! Oh yes, there is a game too that the L fits, as their streak over Michigan comes to a halt this year 31-21 in Ann Arbor. As for the other game of note, UW over PSU 35-17 leading into the only re-match I really care to see this college football season.....and heres aThanksgivng toast to NU keeping the hot streak up with a win over MSU.

  • In reply to Scott in Indy:

    Nice call on the Michigan win and UW. Would have been nice to see NU get that seventh win to get them in another bowl for sure. Question for you...which 6-6 teams make a bowl? Purdue, OSU, Illinois, NU? I'll go Purdue because they're 4-4 in conference and OSU because it's OSU.

  • Agreed, Ohio St. does because there OSU and travel well. Purdue does due to .500 conference record and the win over Ohio St..... though they'll get a MAC or Sun Belt team. Bigger than that though, Danny Hope stays on as coach and progress seems being made. NU and ILL I fear will be left out. NU is deserving as no one in the conference has a tougher job or gets more from his players than Coach Fitzgerald. He's the second best coach in the conference behind Ferentz.

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