This is Sparta! GameDay Rolls Into East Lansing

This is Sparta! GameDay Rolls Into East Lansing

ESPN College GameDay comes to yet another Big Ten school for week 8 of the season. Fowler, Corso, Herbstreit, and Howard (and Andrews, of course) will take their show to East Lansing for the Wisconsin vs. Michigan State game. This will mark the third time this season that GameDay has come to a Big Ten campus; the most appearances, thus far, for any conference. And for the second time, the Badgers are on the show. In fact, only one GameDay game this season has not involved Oregon, LSU, Oklahoma, or Wisconsin. GameDay has not made it to East Lansing since 2005, when MSU lost to Penn State. Be sure, the Spartan faithful will make a great showing for this battle of Big Ten unbeatens.

Wisconsin dropped two spots in the rankings, moving from 4th to 6th, despite remaining undefeated.  Look for Russell Wilson and the Badgers to be ready to prove they belong in the National Championship conversation. Michigan State is good, but they have been unconvincing in some of their wins. On the contrary, none of Wisconsin’s games have even been close; they’ve been blowouts. Yet they really haven’t played anybody tough either, including Nebraska.

If Wisconsin can jump out to a quick 10-0 lead, say, Michigan State is not good enough to come back or slow the Badgers down. However, if this game comes down to the fourth quarter, MSU has experience in close games. Wisconsin doesn’t.  My bottom line— I have no clue how this game might turn out.  I just hope it will be interesting.

On a side note: With Michigan State’s win over Michigan on Saturday, Kirk Cousins became the only Spartan starting quarterback to defeat Michigan three straight times. Congrats, Kirk!

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