Showdown in Mad-town!

Showdown in Mad-town!

My apologies for my week and a half hiatus from L.L.L. Time flew as I am still trying to get used to this great city! Although I haven’t been around to put any thoughts down on paper, I have still been able to keep an eye on the Big Ten football landscape, and it occurs to me that there happens to be a pretty big game this weekend. Actually, there are a few, but there is only one people are talking about…

Nebraska @ Wisconsin:

Saturday night at Camp Randall! College GameDay on site!!! Two undefeated teams in the top ten for the Cornhuskers first Big Ten conference game!!!! What else could you ask for?!?! Both teams have looked great up to this point, but neither of them has faced a quality opponent (small exception for the Washington game Nebraska played).

The key for Wisconsin in this matchup is to get to Taylor Martinez early and often. If they can find a way to decrease his rushing productivity, the Badgers won’t have a hard time shutting down his pretty weak passing game. An early turnover for the Cornhusker offense is all Bo Palini will need to fly off the handle and totally lose it on the sideline.

The troublesome and, for now, former “Blackshirt” defense of Nebraska will have a tougher time with the Wisconsin offense. Badger QB, Russell Wilson, has what Martinez doesn’t:  a good passing game. Also, Wisconsin has two reliable running backs: Monte Ball, and James White. Even if Nebraska is able to shut down the passing, they won’t be able to shut down the running at the same time. Either the Badgers torch them through the air, or slowly kill them on the ground.

Although this game has a lot of hype, I fear it might leave us a little disappointed…

My prediction: 31-17, Wisconsin


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  • As a displaced Badgers fan (my father tried to NOT have me be a UW fan) and sharing a home with a Husker grad we are making faces at each other. Wilson has been very impressive, Huskers option game works well at times.....they'll need to stick with and hope vs. Wisconsin. Two solid defenses. I foresee several touchdowns in a 38-34 win for the Badgers...provided Martinez/Burkhead have the option working. Should UW be able to shut down the UN option, leaving the Huskers little to no offense......the game could be more ugly than Pelini's sideline meltdowns.........42-17 UW.

  • Wow! Nice prediction…I didn’t have much faith in the Nebraska offense. Which, like you, is the reason I only had them scoring 17; looks like we predicted the battle between Badger defense and Nebraska offense pretty accurately. Although the Badger offense looked good up to yesterday, I thought they would have had more trouble with a weak, but still better defense than they had seen up to that point. Now, the question is if the Badgers are that good, or Nebraska is that overrated…?

  • We'll find that out about the Huskers Saturday night vs. OSU. Should win handly considering the non-existent Buckeye offense. As for UW, only MSU in E. Lansing looks remotely troublesome....only regular season loss in 2010.

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