Epiphanies from Week 1

Epiphanies from Week 1

Northwestern: Kain Colter has the talent to be a dependable starter for the Wildcats if Persa can’t stay healthy.  He went 17-24, which is pretty good, even if he did throw one interception with no touchdowns. He also showed he has some legs to him, running for 71 yards with a touchdown. Hopefully Persa will be ready by October 1st for their conference opener, but Colter should be able to get the job done until then.

Michigan: Their defense did well, scoring two touchdowns, but looked a bit like last season at times…Denard Robinson played well; his stats won’t be close to what they were last season because of the new offense, but he made solid decisions in the pocket with both his passing and running.

Illinois: Nathan Scheelhaase played well, even if it was against Arkansas State. Look for him to have a great season for the Illini.

Minnesota: The USC loss was a lot closer than I thought it would be. But USC did not play very well with the exception of Matt Barkley and Robert Woods. The final score was encouraging for the Gophers, but I still wouldn’t expect much out of them this season.

Purdue: Their defense was terrible against Middle Tennessee. The offense was okay, but in no way is it good enough to make up for a sloppy defense all season.

Wisconsin: Looked the strongest of any Big Ten team in week one. Russell Wilson looked great under center, and will be a force to be reckoned with this season. The running game was great, as it always is for the Badgers. Their defense played well too.

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  • After one week here's what I learned........

    Wisconsin, easy favorite in the Leaders. Though it was only UNLV, they have the firepower to run the table if they can get past back-to-back roadies at MSU and OSU.

    Northwestern, has a capable back-up to Persa, but this is still NU and will lose two games they should win, and win only one they should lose.

    Minnesota, Kill may have this turned around sooner than expected. Down or not from NCAA sanctions, this was still Southern Cal.

    Nebraska, I was coerced to watch this game as the husband of a Husker grad. If this the best the Offense can do vs. UT-CHAT, Pelini will get more reprimands for sideline outbursts and treatment of QB Martinez.

    Purdue, the uniforms aren't your only problems. Losing Ryan Kerrigan can't be that bad.

    Indiana, OH BOY!!!!

  • In reply to Scott in Indy:

    I agree about mostly everything you said, except Wisconsin…Like NU, they always lose a game or two they should win. But this is the season to run the table for them. This is the only season…really ever, that the Badgers have a really good quarterback and this is the only season he has.

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