Blame the Player Not the Booster

Blame the Player Not the Booster

Ohio State booster Robert “Bobby” DiGeronimo has taken responsibility for $200 payments given to Jordan Hall, Travis Howard and Corey Brown. As reported by Adam Rittenberg of

The payments took place at a Feb. 19 Cornerstone of Hope fundraiser in Independence, Ohio. DiGeronimo's son-in-law runs the charity… DiGeronimo told The Dispatch that former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor provided the money to his teammates, adding that the payments were reimbursement for travel expenses to the event. "However Mr. Pryor got the money, I take responsibility," DiGeronimo told the newspaper. "I am responsible for those kids coming up here from Columbus. I handled it wrong. I should not have handled it the way I did."

Although I think it’s great that DiGeronimo is stepping up for this, he should not have to take responsibility for the players receiving cash. These players are not kids, they are college students. They know what the NCAA rules are and there is no excuse not to. It’s part of the game when you sign a full-ride with one of college football’s biggest programs. How stupid do you have to be?!?! Is $200 worth a suspension or worse? These adults, not kids, are given everything as a Buckeye, and they think it’s worth it to have it possibly taken away for some ink on their forearm or some money in their pocket for Madden 12? If these guys are too stupid to see a great thing when they have it (a full-ride), then give them a much bigger punishment. Being suspended for the first couple games of the season against teams like Akron and Toledo is not a suspension, it’s a vacation!

I don’t care how crazy some of the NCAA rules may be, they are in place to prevent idiots from finding loopholes to take advantage of. As if $150,000 worth of a free education isn’t enough. Try living like normal student and then see how rough an athlete has it.


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