Legends #6

Minnesota: Head coach Jerry Kill has his work cut out for him in his first season as head coach. They were terrible last season. The defense was bad, the offense was worse, and a new coach with only ten total returning starters does not play to the Gophers favor. I think Jerry Kill will turn out to be a good hire in the future, but these things take time. It will take at least a year, probably two, to get Minnesota back in a bowl game. Best of luck to the Gophers in the future, but I predict a 1-7 conference record this season. That gives them a last place finish in the legends division.

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  • Thay can't be as awful as those uniforms.

  • In reply to Scott in Indy:

    Haha, no kidding! How about yellow helmets too? All yellow!!! The all white was actually pretty sharp! I want them to go back to the gold helmets with the jerseys that have the two M’s on each chest plate. 1995-96 I want to say.

  • In reply to Keith Hoehne:

    I agree, the gold helmets from the mid 90's we cool. Especially with the home maroon jersey.

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