BigJon Factory Blemish Sale!

BigJon Factory Blemish Sale!

I opened up my email today and found a little tidbit that I couldn't help but pass along to all.

BigJon Sports is a company that I work closely with to help promote their product as it is something I use and believe in.  The product is rock solid and an asset to any angler that fishes big water for any type of species that you may troll for.

They are having a factory blemishes sale on several of their products and this is an excellent opportunity to get some great gear for pennies on the dollar.  Sure they may have a sticker put on backwards or a mismatched screw, but that is nothing that will affect the operation and the durability of this great product.

Take a look here at what they are doing and be sure to get in touch with them ASAP to take advantage of the savings:


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