The Original Rod Sox: Protect your equipment

The Original Rod Sox: Protect your equipment

As an angler I value all of my equipment. From a major part like my boat all the way down to the fishing line that I spool onto my reels.  These are all valuable items that make me the successful angler that I am.  As fishermen and women we spend a lot of money on our equipment and the last thing we need is for it to be damaged or destroyed.

Over the past several years I have been using a fishing rod protector that slides over my rod and keeps things from getting tangled up.  This sleeve was made from a windbreaker like fabric and does a great job of keeping my rods from tangling in the rod locker, however it doesn't really offer much of any protection against damage due to the thin material.  I also tend to get hooks caught up in the fabric.

Recently on a visit to Texas I had the pleasure to meet Anne Parker who is the brains behind a product called the Rod Sox.  We have all seen the Chinese finger trap style of fabric for rod protection but Anne has taken this technology to the next level and is offering a product that I have been using and will continue to use as it is superior to my current storage method.

Most mesh type rod protectors are thin and really don't add much protection.  They also tend to catch hooks and bend up the guides on your fishing rods.  Both of which defeat the purpose of even having a protector on your rod.


Anne gave me the rundown on her produce and I am truly impressed on how well the product performs and protects my gear from damage.  The advantages of the Rod Sox over most conventional rod protectors pretty much speak for themselves.

Breathable - Rod Sox can go on wet or dry equipment. The breathable mesh allows air to easily pass through allowing any moisture out and drying your rod and line.

Mesh Density – The Original Rod Sox have the densest mesh of any rod protector on the market. This makes them more durable over time, improves the protection of your rod, and allows a tighter weave for added safety of rod guides, especially micro-guides.

Tangle Free—avoid the tangling of rods and line when toting gear to and from the water.

Improved Mouth – The new and improved pliable, rubber-type "mouth" on the bottom end of the Rod Sox seals the mesh from fraying or unrolling, as well as protects the rod paint from any scratching from open mesh. In addition, the rubber mouth provides about a 1 3'4" protective barrier between the hook and the mesh to prevent hang-ups.

Durable Tag - With the addition of a hang hole in the new, durable, rubber tag, rods can now be “hung up” for storage, a great and safe way to save room and keep your rod out of harm’s way laying or leaning elsewhere. After the Rod Sox is completely seated on the rod, a gently tug on the rubber "mouth" will "Lock" the Rod Sox in place, and it won't slip off. When it’s time to go fishing, a simple push of the mouth upwards releases the "lock" and the Rod Sox will just slide right off.

Safety Tip - The hardened tip of our Rod Sox protects the last guide/tip of rod from the wear and tear of placing or removing rods from rod lockers or any type of storage.

Easy Identification - The hard tip is wrapped with a color tape indicating the length of the rod it fits so that you can easily tell your rods apart and know which Rod Sox go on what rod when ready for storage. (For Example: green tip tape is for a 6'6" rod, while red tip = 7' rod etc...)



I am not trying to sound like a commercial here, however when I find a good product that will benefit the angler I feel that it is my duty to pass it along.  Many of the pro's on the major fishing circuits are using these products and that in itself speaks for the product. Pros like Todd Faircloth, Jeff Kriet and Mark Zona can be seen with the Rod Sox protecting their investments.  These anglers cannot afford to have equipment breaking when filming or fishing for money.

Take a look at the website and see what you think.  Visit and learn a little more about these wonderful products.  If you call Anne to order some tell her I said hi and enjoy some of the southern hospitality that you will get when dealing with a great company.

Good luck and tight lines!

Cory Yarmuth
Legend Outdoors


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