Lake Fork Trophy Lures a Trophy in My Book

Lake Fork Trophy Lures a Trophy in My Book

I had the pleasure to spend some time in Sulfur Springs TX over the last couple of days and the last time I was down here I realized (too late) that I was a short distance away from the famed fishery of Lake Fork.  This fishery is home to large-mouth bass that can weigh in the double digits.

Unfortunately with it being winter and of course me being here for work I wasn't able to fish the lake, but I did get a chance to visit a company who's lures I have been using up in my neck of the woods for quite some time.  Lake Fork Trophy lure company is just a short distance away from my hotel and I had to stop into their retail store and see what new baits I could find.

Walking into the store I was greeted with the familiar smell of plastic and garlic.  Both of which meant I was in the right place to find some great soft plastic baits.  What was a shock to me was that it was no ordinary store attached to a manufacturing facility.  This was a place where people could come and hang out and swap stories as well as tips on baits and other happenings around town.

What did really take me by surprise was the fact that I was greeted with open arms by the actual owner and CEO Ronnie Parker.  Mr. Parker is at the office 6 days a week and is very passionate about the product that he is selling to the consumer.   You can find his products in small bait shops as well as your big retailers like Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's.  The reason for this is because these lures just plain catch fish!

Mr. Parker started this company 20 years ago and he has developed it into a down-home type of business and has not let the success go to his head.  Even after a large fire shortly after he started the company took out his building he continued to make baits at a remote location until he could get his main shop back up and running.

Mr. Parker and his employees didn't know me from Adam, however I was treated like they had known me for years.  They were kind enough to give me a tour of the shop and show me just what went into these fine baits that they are molding.  I was like a kid in a candy store and my eyes were wide as dinner plates when we walked into the back and saw the rack and racks of baits curing and just waiting for packaging.


Many people know Anne Parker as she handles a lot of the order fulfillment as well as the online items and social media content. However, Ronnie and Anne make a great team when it comes to creating a superior product.  With very few full time employees it is amazing the amount styles and colors of baits that pass through their shipping doors.

The one item that took me by surprise was the popularity of their baits in the crappie world.  My familiarity with them was strictly bass, but their business is booming when it comes to some innovative crappie lure designs.

To see more about Lake Fork Trophy Lures check out their website at . You can also find them on Facebook as well.

If you are ever in the Lake Fork area of Texas this is one place you need to visit.  Oh and when you do make sure you have plenty of money with you as you are not going to want to leave empty handed.

Ronnie Parker and I in his retail shop

Ronnie Parker and I in his retail shop

Cory Yarmuth
Legend Outdoors


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