CLAM Outdoors Inducted into Fishing Hall Of Fame of Minnesota

CLAM Outdoors Inducted into Fishing Hall Of Fame of Minnesota

It has certainly been a while since I have put anything down here on the screen.  I had been sidelined with cancer and have been fighting the good fight.  Not a place I really wanted to be in right now, but it is over and now I am on the road to recovery.

Well I am getting my strength back and am looking forward to the upcoming months of some good fishing.   Once the surfaces of our lakes freeze over it is time to start putting holes in the ice.  I am part of a team of Pros for CLAM Outdoors and I could not be prouder to be a part of this team.  Now I have even more reason to be excited to be on the team.

CLAM Outdoors has just been inducted into the Fishing Hall Of Fame!  What an honor it is to be a part of such a great organization.

Here is what was released to me:

Rogers, Minn. (Nov. 7, 2016) –  The Fishing Hall of Fame of Minnesota announced its list of 2017 inductees this week, which included Clam Outdoors. As an esteemed organization within the outdoor industry, the Hall of Fame of Minnesota selects three individuals and two organizations to be enshrined each year.

Based in the Brainerd Lakes Area, the Hall of Fame recognizes individuals and organizations that have made a major impact on Minnesota’s sport fishing industry. The Hall stands to recognize all passionate fishing promoters, whether they have made a difference through education, legislation, guiding, manufacturing, media promotions or other means. Criteria for both nomination and induction vary greatly — number of years in the industry, proven accomplishments, and dedication to the promotion of the sport of fishing.

“We at Clam are beyond humbled to receive this esteemed honor,” explains Dave Osborne, Clam Outdoors Owner. “I feel incredibly blessed to be included with others in the outdoor industry that have been recognized for their impact, contribution and dedication to the sport of fishing.” Clam Outdoors grew from a startup company to become a leading manufacturer of outdoor recreation products. The company took an ice-fishing specific focus when ice fishing professional Dave Genz introduced his “fish trap” creation to Clam ownership in 1992. Clam embraced Genz’s concept of putting a shelter around an ice fisherman so they could stay out longer and be more comfortable, thus making it possible to catch more fish.

Clam spring boarded off of that innovative thinking and began introducing other sport-enhancing products for the ice fishing industry — inventing and developing more elaborate shelters, creating fishing rods and reels designed for specific ice fishing purposes, and in the past few years inventing a line of tackle with groundbreaking features. “As a Hall of Famer, I understand the magnitude of this accomplishment,” adds Genz, renowned ice angler and founder of the original fish trap shelter. “I’m as proud as I’ve ever been to be part of the Clam family and am happy for them to receive this honor.”  The Hall of Fame of Minnesota has been in existence since 2000 and has inducted 50 individuals and organizations.

2017 Inductees in the Individual Legends category include active outdoor media professional and seminar speaker, Terry Tuma; one of North America’s most accomplished multi-species anglers, In Fisherman Editor Doug Stange; plus one of the industry’s most successful professional walleye anglers, Perry Good. The Burgers Brothers Sporting Goods join Clam Corporation in the ranks of Legendary Organizations to be inducted.

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