Vexilar FL22: Innovation at its Finest

Vexilar FL22: Innovation at its Finest


This year is a year of change for me. I have made some big changes in not only my life, but in the new equipment that I have chosen to fish with.

I know to some that this is not necessarily a "big" change, but to a fisherman there are many things that we opt to do that can have a dramatic effect on how we fish. Changes in our equipment and techniques can mean the difference between catching fish and just sitting on the ice watching others catch fish.

This ice season I have decided to change things up a bit and have upgraded my flasher to a Vexilar FL22. Vexilar is the best of the best when it comes to flashers and locators for the ice as well as for your open water fisherman.

The FL22 has many features that my existing flasher does not. Features such as the bottom lock zoom and the opportunity to change transducers from a standard 12deg cone to a Tri-transducer or the new ProView 9deg transducer.

Here is what Vexilar has to say about the FL22
The ultimate in special purpose sonar fishing systems is here. What makes the FL-22 so special is the technical breakthrough of matching the power output and pulse length to the depth you are fishing. In less technical terms, the FL-22 is the first flasher sonar system that matches the depth range you've set to the resolution on the display so you see every possible detail in the water below. The FL-22 delivers the best target ID and target separation of any sonar system ever made! A unique feature of the FL-22 is the six 10 foot increment range settings, with a maximum depth of 60 feet. The idea of having the available depth range matched to the actual water depth being fished can greatly increase display resolution making it easier to work lures and see when a fish is interested. The popular night fishing mode is also featured in the FL-22. By cutting the brightness of the display by 50%, you are able to comfortably view the display in complete darkness without affecting your night vision. The FL-22 offers two Auto Zoom zones, one for the bottom six feet and the other for the bottom twelve feet. For super-shallow water fishing, a low power mode is built-in. The FL-22 even has a Bottom Lock feature for open water use. This locks the zoom on the bottom six feet no matter how much the water depth changes. All these features—still controlled with only three, easy to reach knobs—make the FL-22 the most advanced sonar system ever offered by Vexilar.

The FL22 is on Top of the Vexilar flasher offerings and I know that it will certainly improve not only my fishing, but my catching.
The features of this unit are:
1. Vexilar 12 volt, 9 amp-hour battery delivers long lasting power. Pack comes complete with charger.
2. An FL series three-color flasher from Vexilar, the world leader in three-color flasher technology.
3. The D-130 Battery Status Indicator helps keep track of your battery while in use.
4. Two cable holding cleats.
5. Adjustable rod holder with two possible mounting locations.
6. The patented Ice-Ducer system is a self leveling transducer with float for accurate transducer positioning every time.
7. Easy access to tackle box
8. PC-100 case fits inside a five gallon bucket.
9. Pre-drilled holes for optional accessories
10. Universal transducer holder (on the back)
11. Weatherproof, super-bright, 3-color LED (strong targets in red, medium targets in orange, weak targets in green)
12. Flat screen Display with super wide viewing angle
13. 525 segments of resolution
14. Six depth ranges down to 60 feet
15. Target ID of Less than 1/4 inch
16. Built-in low battery indicator
17. Special night mode setting for comfortable night viewing
18. 6 foot and 12 foot Auto Zoom Ranges, 6 foot Bottom Lock
19. 525 segments of resolution
20. Two-Year warranty (One-year on battery)
21.Uses all Vexilar "FL" series transducers

The list can go on and on and I hope to be able to show first hand the use of this product and how it will improve my time on the ice in future entries.

If you are looking at getting into a new flasher for the ice you most certainly want to look at the Vexilar line of flashers. Not only are they well made and effective, but they are well supported and someone is always willing to lend you a hand if you have a question about your unit.

Disclaimer:  I am not being paid to write about this unit or company. I am just passing along information to help the ice fisherman in their search for new and better equipment to help locate and catch fish while out on the ice.

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