Cook County To Impose Tax for Guns!

Cook County To Impose Tax for Guns!

If you are a gun owner or plan on becoming one this is a shocking part of legislature that is being proposed.

I have received this from Cabela's and with good reason they are concerned.  Not only will this affect the sportsman, but it will also hurt any of your local gun dealers.

Please take a look and think about what you can do to help in the fight against these attacks and the threats of new taxes on the outdoors-man.

This is a letter from Cabela's calling us to act:

To Our Fellow Sportsmen and Women:

The Cook County Board of Commissioners has proposed a new tax which, if approved, will significantly increase the price you pay for guns and ammunition.  Their 2013 proposed budget asks for a new $25 tax on all firearms as well as a nickel tax per bullet or shotgun shell purchased.

If passed, this ordinance will penalize law-abiding sportsmen and women by pricing our cherished outdoor pursuits out of reach.  There are many instances where the tax on ammunition will exceed the actual cost of the product, leading to price increases of over 150 percent.

Cabela’s strongly opposes this proposed ordinance and we urge you to oppose it as well.

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle claims this tax will generate about $1 million per year in new revenue.  The burden of providing budget relief for the County should not fall on the shoulders of sportsmen and women. 

We dispute the claim that this ordinance will raise money.  Rather, it will cost the County revenue when hunters and shooting enthusiasts take their business outside County lines.  Revenue will be lost, not gained.  Many sporting goods stores, including Cabela’s, may be forced to abandon the County in order to remain competitive or may be forced to close their doors and lay off employees.

Finally, this tax will also do nothing to address the issue of gun violence.  Imposing financial hardship on hunters and shooting enthusiasts is not a strategy for addressing societal issues. 

Cabela’s will strongly oppose this new tax by speaking out at public budget hearings and through written communication to the Cook County Board of Commissioners.  We ask that you do so as well by contacting the Commissioners at the numbers listed on the back of this sheet.

Thank you.


Please contact Board President Preckwinkle and all the Cook County Board of Commissioners today and urge them to oppose this unfair tax on your rights.

Commissioner Phone Number
President Toni Preckwinkle 312-603-6400
Robert Steele 312-603-3019
Larry Suffredin 312-603-6383
Earlean Collins 312-603-4566
Timothy O. Schneider 312-603-6388
Jerry Butler 312-603 6391
Elizabeth Doody Gorman 312-603-4215
Joan Patricia Murphy 312-603-4216
Jeffrey R. Tobolski 312-603-6384
Bridget Gainer 312-603-4210
John A. Fritchey 312-603-6380
William M. Beavers 312-603-2065
Gregg Goslin 312-603-4932
Edwin Reyes 312-603-6386
Jesus G. Garcia 312-603-5443
Deborah Sims 312-603 6381
Peter N. Silvestri 312-603-4393
John P. Daley 312-603-4400










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  • I'm with you on this one Cory. I already don't hunt as much because my limited resources have to go elsewhere at the moment. To do this is just a shame. Since I'm not in Cook County, I can't imagine my opinion on this matters. If this spreads to Kane or Kendall Counties, I'll be bitching.

    You want tax revenue, tax the crap out of alcohol. Do to that what was done to tobacco. I have a feeling few will care about the guns and ammo tax, but the din would be deafening if you even suggest taxing the hell out of alcohol.

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