Muck Boots: The Arctic Pro Extreme lives up To Its Name

Muck Boots: The Arctic Pro Extreme lives up To Its Name

The Arctic Pro Camo Professional Extreme-Conditions Sport Boot

The **NEW** Arctic Pro Camo 16" boot features all of the standard Muck Boot™ features plus a fleece lining, stretch-fit topline binding to snug the leg to keep warmth in and cold out and and 8mm CR flex-foam bootie with four-way stretch nylon. This boot is 100% waterproof, lightweight and flexible. The Arctic Pro has a Bob-tracker molded outsole that is rugged, aggressive and durable for maximum protection and stability. It is double reinforced on the instep, heel and achilles areas. There is a 2mm thermal foan underlay add to the instep area for additional warmth, an EVA molded midsole with a contoured footbed, reinforced toe and wrap-up bumper for added protection

Recently I was fortunate enough to be given a pair of these boots by the Outdoor Blogger network to test out. Of course the Chicago winter decided to put a sudden hold on any type of testing of these boots as we had well above average temperatures, which did not allow me to put these to the test like they should be.

Upon receipt of the boots I could tell that they were made with the sportsman in mind. They had a great camo pattern as well as a good sole on them that would assist with any type of walking or climbing that may need to be done.

Their fit was right on with the sizing and there is plenty of room for layering of socks on your feet. The fit of the boot almost shaped right to my foot and lower leg. Because they are constructed of a flex-foam and a stretch nylon they are incredibly flexible and light.

We finally were hit with some winter weather and the lakes froze solid around my area. I was able to test the boots on a local lake on a rather cold and snowy day. The lake had a good 6” of snow on it and the temperatures were close to single digits.

The boots were light and comfortable and made the walk much easier than my heavier and bulky pac boots that are typically worn for such conditions. The soles provided a positive grip on the snow and ice and because of the flexibility of the uppers they were quite comfortable to walk in. The uppers also protected my legs from the biting wind and cold.

Being out on the ice is certainly a good test of any boot and this test was no exception. The trouble with ice is it tends to transmit thru any type of material until it reaches your body. I found that the boots insulated my feet well, however early in the morning my toes did get slightly cold due to the excessive kneeling that I was doing that would put my toes directly on the ice. Once I sat in the shanty and put my feet up off the ice I was very comfortable.

Overall I have only scratched the surface of the use that these boots will be put through. I know for sure that these boots will accompany me on many more ice outings as well as into the deer stand in the cold weather. Their great camo pattern will work well for next year’s deer season.
I would highly recommend these boots to anyone looking for a good multi-purpose waterproof boot that is also insulated down to –60deg F. It is hard to find boots that have this type of rating, and especially ones that are waterproof up to your knee.

If I had to buy a pair of boots that I could use for deer hunting, ice fishing, and even snow shoveling these are the way to go. They are light, comfortable and warm. With a price tag of around $160 and the occasional sale they are certainly affordable for a boot that is as multi-purpose as these are. Most of your major retailers carry these boots and you can find them easily. Just look for the Muck Boots and you certainly won’t go wrong.

As with all reviews by Cory Yarmuth with Legend Outdoors, the preceding review is my honest opinion, I received the product free of charge and have agreed to provide my honest opinion and review in exchange. Legend Outdoors is not sponsored by or associated with Muck and is accepting no other compensation, monetary or otherwise, in exchange for this review. As of the date of publication, no relationship with Muck other than described above has been pursued or established.

Cory Yarmuth
Legend Outdoors

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