Bluegills and Goose Antlers: What a Combo!

Bluegills and Goose Antlers: What a Combo!

Lately I have been on a bit of a health kick. You know trying to drop a few extra dozen pounds that have mysteriously shown up around my waist. Having a freezer full of wild game and fish I decided to test out a new product from Clam Outdoors and Goose Antler Lodge. Goose antler produces a terrific fish batter that can be used on any fish. It also has the versatility to be cooked in any manner you find desirable so I grabbed a box of the Original Recipie mix and went to work.

Clam has always been know for its excellent quality and reputation in the ice fishing world, however they have also taken on several other avenues in business. From the release of their new Camo Ice-Armor wear for the hunter to the new fish batters that they offer. Clam outdoors is what i would classify a very all purpose outdoorsman,s company.

Well, back to what I originally started. I had some bluegill from the winter defrosted and figured I would give the batter a shot. However, not wanting to fry the fish in oil I opted for the oven route.

The setting was easy:

A little egg wash and then a dip into the batter and after a while I had two pans full of delicious bluegill nuggets.

The directions on the box were easy to follow and they included several other possible ways of preparing your catch. You could fry, bake, and even wet coat the fillets. I knew that whatever I did they would certainly come out as tasty morsels.

I quickly prepared my side dish of cous-cous and when all was complete I had myself a plateful of delicious and healthy fish fillets.

There are alot of different ways to prepare your catch and the market is flooded with coatings and seasonings. However, Clam Outdoors and Goose Antler products have created a batter that stands out from the crowd. Its versitility makes it easy for anyone to prepare and I can't wait to try it on some other species of fish that I have in the freezer.

Now sit back and enjoy the fruits of your adventure.
Cory Yarmuth
Legend outdoors


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