All Work And No Play? Never!

All Work And No Play? Never!

Well, it's day two of a three-day weekend spent up in the Northwoods of Mercer Wisconsin. This is a working trip, a trip to cut wood, rake leaves, and get the cabin ready for its winter sleep.

The trip is a guy's bonding trip. A time to drink beer and smoke cigars. Oh yea, and get some work done.

I am up here with my father-in-law, brother-in-law and my wife's uncle and cousin. We have put in some hard hours of manual labor, but working up here is not much like work. The work is more of a pleasure than what we tend to experience when we are at home. Somehow raking leaves or splitting wood takes on a new meaning. The smell of the fall air fills my lungs.

The boats are out and in the garage for their slumber. The dock is out and now it's time for a beer or two and a steak diner.

As you can see by the picture its not all about work. It is more about beer, cigars, and family bonding. Oh, I forgot, shooting air rifles and throwing knives too! You can't work all the time, right?

-to be continued-


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  • Oh man, you are never going to hear the end of this.

    Beer, cigars, sharp objects and things that shoot.

    And you didn't invite me why?

    I have all those things.

    With my back though, I would have had to be a supervisor.

  • Sorry you didn't get the invite Ken. It's always a good day when you can relax and forget all your cares!

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