A Quick Update On Opening Day

A Quick Update On Opening Day

Just came in from the stand to grab a quick bite to eat and to grab some heavier clothes.

For those that think to have a sucessful hunt you need to kill something have never experienced a morning in the field.  This morning I saw about 8 deer and even had two come up behind me to within 5 yards.  You have never felt your heart pump so hard until you have that rush come over you when a deer appears out of the twilight.

The deer this morning were in no hurry to move and spent alot of time eating around the area I was set-up in.  They were paired up and appeared to be yearlings. 

The wildlife that you experience while sitting in a tree in full camo is something to behold.   How many times can you say you have had a Blackcapped Chickadee land on your bow in front of you and then hover 4" from your face trying to determine what you are? I don't know who was in more shock, me or that Chickadee.

The forest just comes alive in the morning as the sunlight pierces the canopy of the trees.  Now it's time to rest up for the afternoon hunt when the deer will come from their bedding areas to feed.  I just thought I would bring you along on this journey with me so that you can experience the wonder and awe of the outdoors from your computer.  I will do my best to put up some pictures later.

Thanks For stopping by!  Wish me luck!

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