A Guest Is A Guest Is A Guest

You know the feeling. The feeling that you've done something wrong and the person you're interacting with just knows it. That feeling where you can't help but feel like you're in trouble and like you've personally offended them. We've all had that feeling. Though, not many people expect to feel it when you're the guest in a customer service situation.

A couple of years ago I had a similar situation. The restaurant I was managing hired an outside company to handle the launch of our new menu. After a great first meeting, phone calls felt like an interruption, emails were fired off in short hand and the process took on a "what could you possibly need now?" theme. The opportunity was there to treat us like the guests that we were, to wow us and ensure that we felt like a part of their brand rather than a necessary side effect. If someone were writing a story about this experience, they might title it "Opportunity Lost".

The lesson for this company, and other leaders in training was simple. A guest is a guest is a guest. If someone chooses to seek your services, they are saying "show me your brand". If the key to success is in providing an experience for your guests and clients, then why not show them what you've got? There will be times when this seems impossible. You've got 100 people you're trying to coordinate, stressful situations to navigate and three people didn't show up for their shift. But if you remember that a guest is a guest is a guest, you'll always have a semblance of customer service in everything you do. And that small tiny amount of care for your customer could make the difference in setting them at ease, marinating them in your brand and retaining them for the future.


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