A Guest Is A Guest Is A Guest

You know the feeling. The feeling that you’ve done something wrong and the person you’re interacting with just knows it. That feeling where you can’t help but feel like you’re in trouble and like you’ve personally offended them. We’ve all had that feeling. Though, not many people expect to feel it when you’re the guest... Read more »

It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's...Your Brand?

By day, he’s a mild mannered reporter, by night he’s a flying, fighting, speeding super hero! We all know Superman to be the alter ego of Clark Kent. But have you ever thought of Clark Kent becoming Superman as an example of the importance of being your brand? To understand this analogy, you have to... Read more »

Is That A Thank You Note Or Are You Just Happy To See Me

When I was managing restaurants in Michigan I carried around a Thank you note in my pocket. Just like the habit of grabbing my wallet before I left for the day, I always checked to make sure I had the Thank you note. One day it fell out of my pocket and a co-worker picked... Read more »
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What Super Mario Brothers teaches us about participation

Super Mario Bros. provides one of the best examples of the difference between participating in our positions and simply showing up to hit the flag at the end of today’s round. It doesn’t take much to recall the images of Mario jumping up and down collecting coins, and hopefully, saving the Princess in the end.... Read more »

Lead Early, Lead Often

I don’t know how to tell you this, but someone is watching you. The truth is they’ve probably been watching you for some time. They’re watching what time you got into work, how you interact with other people, and they’re probably even watching how you dress.  It may not be fair, but the reality is... Read more »