Elana David Anthony is the proud mother of six daughters whose  ages range from pre-K to adult, which has required her to attend school  functions and meetings for over the past twenty years, and uncover her love of  wayward youth. She developed her passion for writing at DePaul University where she would earn both her undergraduate and graduate degrees in English ('96) and  Writing ('99) respectively. While experiencing weight fluctuations from having her daughters, and also from her Crohn's disease (an auto-immune disorder of  her digestive system), Elana would come to know the aggravation of having a closet that needed size markers like those in clothing stores. There were times  when she was so small she needed kid’s junior sizes, and other times when she would need plus-sized clothes. Her saving grace would be her love of dance which sent her running into a gym where she would fall in love with group fitness classes and eventually become an exercise instructor herself which gave  her the opportunity to teach classes all over Chicago and on to the Caribbean for two summers. Because Elana is on a continual pursuit of living an  extra-ordinary life, she could not simply be a certified fitness instructor as many of her peers. She would enroll in another graduate program and earn her second Master's in Exercise Science and Health Promotion from the California University of PA ('07).

Her love of youth and passion for fitness would lead her to begin teaching PE classes for charter schools to do something about the obesity epidemic she could not ignore. It was one thing to enjoy teaching in posh air-conditioned downtown gyms and quite another to be at hot LSC meetings and see so many people overweight suffering from controllable health-related illnesses. As a parent and teacher, she would see and be disturbed by the changes in teaching practices in which rules and procedures surpassed rigor and relationship.  She would eventually go on to be promoted into school administration and be charged with participating in (humdrum) professional development trainings where health and healing for youth were the topics, and then many of the same people would cram donuts, chips, fried chicken, and pop down their throats while demanding she suspend the same students for which she was supposed to advocate. These observations turned Elana into an ardent supporter of restorative justice consequences in schools, and equally as passionate about living and modeling a healthy lifestyle. Often criticized for her candor and honesty, Elana makes no apologies for loving God, loving her family, and loving kids who may not otherwise feel supported or heard.

These experiences helped Elana to learn certain things--the "Laws of Exercise" if you will. As Newton taught us with his laws of science, Elana sees those translate into so many other facets of life.  If you want to know the truth about exercise and a healthy lifestyle, then Elana David is your person. She has walked thepath of pain as a skinny sick person and an overweight post-partum mom. She believes right thinking leads to right action, which is by the way, a "Law
of Exercise."