Birthing "Your Baby" in the Gym: Discovering Your Power and Potential

Have you ever stopped to consider where creativity originates? How does one have a million dollar idea? How do some people make it out of stuff that knocks another person flat on their back? Who determines the "haves" and "have nots"? How do you get from where you are to where you want to be?

To find that answer you will have to go in between the stench of sweat, exertion, and determination to find something extraordinary. This was the thought that raced through my mind while exercising at 5:30 in the morning. As I pulled, twisted, turned and contracted, I caught a whiff of my own pungency, and figured I must have tapped into some power portal. Have you ever been in the middle of a great workout, and all of a sudden you notice that your pores released something different, unique, overwhelming, and maybe even God-awful? Well, that’s what happened to me. Yet, I didn't find it to be dreadful. I thought: This must be where the magic is! THIS must be where dreams are birthed.

I mean, think about it. It’s the irritation at the floor of the sea that creates and then produces that creamy, globe of majesty which is a pearl.  And, a diamond can't be found lest one dig deep inside the density of the earth’s mantle, where it isn’t the calm, peaceful core that makes “girl’s best friend”, but yet, it’s the heat and pressure that produces the most sought after gem in the world! You want to find a diamond?  Then you're going to have to dig really deep...literally. diamond

Runners will tell you that it isn’t the shooting gun to signal the start that fuels their finish; it’s the deep down determination to keep going after one has hit that proverbial brick wall where often many will stop, collapse, and give in. Same for building muscle. It’s not the repetition of lifting and lowering the weight that sculpts the muscle to be solid and swollen with power. It’s the art of going to failure, when you feel as if you can’t lift that weight not another time, and then, as if some fairy godmother of muscle appears, you produce just one more. That’s where the magic is, the untapped potential, the genius and power—it’s in the one after the one you thought you couldn’t produce.

People of faith know this too. They sing about it all the time. A popular mainstream gospel song says, “We fall down, but we get up. For a saint is just a sinner who fell down, and got up!” Even my Grandmother used to sing that she was “Climbing higher mountains trying to get home.” She knew that the low hills of life were not the problem. That’s just a hang-out spot. They don’t say derelicts are living “the high life” or that they are living “high on the hog.” They are literally called “low lifes”. It’s the same in life. You’ve got to climb those mountains if you want to find your purpose. Even scripture tells us to “look to the hills” to find your breakthrough and the source of your strength. The answer is never at eye level. It’s up and out just beyond your reach. You want success, you have to reach and stretch for it! reach.stars

You see, it’s not the falling down that makes one a champion. It’s the getting up. The saint isn’t a saint because they’ve lived perfect lives. They’re saints because they made mistakes and kept on going in faith. It’s not the calm ocean floor that produced the beauty of the pearl; it was the agitation and irritation. It’s not the lifting of the weight that makes one strong, it’s the tenacity to lift it again and again to failure that builds muscular strength and endurance. And it’s not the bang of the gun at the start of the race that sustains the runner; it’s his determination  and drive to keep going even when the body says "I want to stop!" But the mind screams, “Keep going. You’re a winner! You can and will finish this race!”

Although I would not bottle the fragrance I emitted during my workout, I would love to encapsulate that feeling to tap into time and again when the going gets tough, as if to just pop a pill to remind me that there is power, purpose, and potential just lying there inside waiting for me to unleash it to the world. I don’t need to relocate to find myself. I don’t need to rearrange my environment, home, circle of friends, job, church, and social affiliations to find the right working environment. All I need to do is get inside to that secret place where the Great Spirit resides, for it is there where the secrets of all my life’s problems can be solved.

earth in hand

When you tap into your inner power and potential, you can become open, available, and ready for all that the universe has to offer you, and discover that you are smarter and stronger than you think.

Sure, it just looked like I was exercising with headphones bobbing my head to a rhythmic beat. But the truth is, I was birthing a dream.

****************Elana D. Anthony is a proud wife and mother of six daughters and understands the challenges one faces with keeping a fit body. She balances home life, her fitness career aspirations, and fitness routine by giving honor to God on a daily basis, and by living a healthy lifestyle through the Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge which she practices and promotes to others. You can learn more about Elana at her website where she discusses the importance of honoring God with a healthy body so that the Holy Spirit has a healthy, happy, whole place to manifest and birth dreams. She believes all people have the power to transform their lives, and that they should create the highest, grandest vision possible for life, because you become what you believe. For more information about Elana, or to take The Challenge with her, contact Elana at She is happy and excited to go to the next level with you!

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