Raring to Rally:ViSalus US Resolution Rallies Raising the Bar and Crushing the Competition in 2013

Today is THE BIG DAY! ViSalus will be launching its new multi-million dollar marketing plan to help millions of people lose weight, improve nutrition, have fun, and earn money if that tickles one's fancy, and my fancy fanny plans to laugh all the way to the bank this year, thanks to ViSalus. ViSalus is the creator of the 90-Day Challenge which has alreay helped millions of people lose millions of pounds (and earn exponentially the same way) with unparalleled results. In 2012 alone, 1.5 million people joined the challenge. This is all due to the MLM strategy in which ViSalus pays its actual participants who become promoters to share their Challenge. Since I started my Challenge in late October, my life has been changed.

For starters, I have watched my husband's Buddha belly melt away. Although he still has a ways to go, for Christmas he put on his XL Bears jacket I bought him and zipped it up with ease. Mind you, everything I have ever bought him prior to the Challenge is a size XXL. For me to see him go down two clothing sizes in two months has been completely amazing.

My results have been different.

I have Crohn's disease (an auto-immune disorder that affects my digestive system) of which I have had hellish flare ups for years. However, this year, my same doctor who diagnosed me twenty years ago, was shocked by my results of having my Crohn's in quiet remission and to also have my high blood pressure dissipated. I am on NO MEDS!

But it isn't just me.

After we joined the Challenge, my husband and I attended the Regional Conference in St. Louis where we saw thousands of people who had truly inspiring, and downright jaw dropping results, just by changing their lives 90 days at a time. I'm talking about hundreds of pounds lost, and hundreds of thousands, and yes, millions of dollars earned; not to mention the "Told Ya So" BMW license plates that goes on the paid-by-Vi BMWs promoters receive--again simply for sharing the Challenge.

I haven't gotten my BMW YET, but you can bet your bottoms and your dollars I will. Not only that, I plan to challenge myself every 90 days to greater heights so that I can live the life of my dreams, not just for myself, but also for my six daughters for whom I want to model healthy living.

This Challenge has only been around for the last three years and they have already knocked out Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig, and the Weight Watchers better literally wait and watch because they will be next.

Today will be a day unlike any other in the history of the weight loss and fitness industry when ViSalus launches their new Challenge. Resolution parties are being held all across the US and Canada where millions will come together to go public with their goals. Although it benefits me financially to go certain places to do certain things, on this day, you couldn't pay me to be any place other than one of the World's Largest Resolution Rally parties.

The Chicago Rally will be at the South Loop Hotel at 11 W. 26th Street at 3 PM. If you want to break out of your past cycles of unhealthy living or exercise plateaus, then you are welcome to be my guest this afternoon, because, we all know, when you know better, you do better. And if you want to improve your life, you need to be surrounded by positive people. It's really simple. A law of exercise? Maybe not. Facts for good living. Absolutely.

I'm fired up and raring to go! Resolution Rally here I come!

Elana David Anthony is a proud promoter and participant on the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge. For more information about the Challenge, you can visit her website at www.elanaanthony.bodybyvi.com. And, there's still time to text YOUR resolution to 323-378-5863 for a sneak peek on the NEW Challenge.

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