Break the Gym's Rules--Get Help!

When I arrived at the gym yesterday, the lot was full. The "Resolutions" were in the house! And I was happy. My husband and I circled around until we found a parking spot, and when we walked in, you could just feel the excitement in the air. I get exhilirated when I am around people with a made-up mind. I felt like doing a fist pump. Everybody's there to get fit. Woo Hoo!

I put in my headphones as I usually do, and off to work we went. Team Anthony (that's me and hubbie) have had to change our workouts to up the ante if we want to win this couples' competition we plan to enter. Mind you, my husband hasn't seen his waistline since HS, and with me being off almost all of last year, my waistline was more like a waist-circle-bulge. But, just like everyone else, we are motivated to change our lives, except we started in October. The Resolutions are just now coming out of the woodwork.

So there we are doing this incredibly challenging circuit workout which requires us to stay in our training zone, and I mean we are going hard. Incline pull ups from the Smith bar. High-low dumbbell raises (you know like reaching opposite hand to foot and then reaching overhead with a challenging amount of weight). Killer five-point shoulder raises. And on and on; moving swiftly from one station to the next. My heart's pumping. We're sweating like maniacs while other folk are strolling leisurely on the treadmill like it's a nice Spring day.  I glanced down at my heart rate watch and thought surely it would say 500 beats per minute (which is impossible by the way), but that's what it felt like. Team Anthony was becoming champions. I was in the zone.


I turn around, and there is a girl motioning to talk to me.

Mind you, I have my gospel music blaring in my ear, my heart racing out of control, and we are looking like crazy people. But she wanted to introduce herself. She wanted me to exercise with her. She wanted to know my secret. She was inspired by me. And all the while she is talking, what she doesn't know is, I AM INSPIRED BY HER, because this young woman (she couldn't have been older than thirty) admitted to me that she was over 400 lbs and was in desperate need of assistance. She was recently diagnosed with diabetes, which was her wake up call, and wanted to know if I could help her.

I stood there looking at this woman amazed by her resilience and detemination. There is a basic unspoken gym principle not to bother someone during a workout. And yet this girl either didn't know it or didn't care. I think it was both. Whatever it was, I was so glad she came to me. I was so glad I was there to meet her.

We had a brief chat and then I quickly exchanged numbers with her (remember, I have to stay in my training zone) and went back into my workout with a greater love and appreciation for the law of attraction. It is my intention to exude positive energy to others, especially those who are seeking to make dramatic change. I was so glad she broke the gym law to leave thy fellow exerciser alone, especially ones wearing headphones training like olympians. She may want my help in the future. But yesterday, she helped me more than she may ever know. And I was glad.


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