Birthing "Your Baby" in the Gym: Discovering Your Power and Potential

Have you ever stopped to consider where creativity originates? How does one have a million dollar idea? How do some people make it out of stuff that knocks another person flat on their back? Who determines the “haves” and “have nots”? How do you get from where you are to where you want to be?... Read more »

Love is...hard work!

HARD WORK! Yes, it’s true. Love is many things to be celebrated on Valentine’s Day with treats like chocolates, flowers, teddy bears, balloons, cards, and candies; but one thing that often goes uncelebrated is the fact that love is HARD WORK! And I’m not talking about the love in relationships between partners, spouses, young lovers,... Read more »

The Untrained Personal Trainer: 10 Ways Your Trainer Shows He's an Idiot...amongst other things

I hate to tell you, but that big, muscle bound guy you’ve got training you, from the looks of it, has no clue about fitness. Sure, he knows a few exercise routines, the same ones he’s probably been doing for years, but as for real actual, factual exercise science knowledge, he’s an idiot. Why do... Read more »
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You Can't Hire Someone Else to do Your Push-Ups for YOU

And a goal without a plan is simply a wish. In both scenarios, you have to be a do-er. When I think of all the times I’ve watched Wai Lana bend her pliable body,  I would be as flexible as a straw if just watching was all that was required.  And if just writing “To Do” lists... Read more »

Stupid Gym Rules

I joined a 24-hour  gym for their affordability and convenience, only to find they have THE stupidest rules! It’s so aggravating because my husband and I go through all the daily discipline of eating right, logging our meals into our daily food diary, drinking all our water, and taking our vitamins–you name it, we do it. We... Read more »

Raring to Rally:ViSalus US Resolution Rallies Raising the Bar and Crushing the Competition in 2013

Today is THE BIG DAY! ViSalus will be launching its new multi-million dollar marketing plan to help millions of people lose weight, improve nutrition, have fun, and earn money if that tickles one’s fancy, and my fancy fanny plans to laugh all the way to the bank this year, thanks to ViSalus. ViSalus is the... Read more »

Break the Gym's Rules--Get Help!

When I arrived at the gym yesterday, the lot was full. The “Resolutions” were in the house! And I was happy. My husband and I circled around until we found a parking spot, and when we walked in, you could just feel the excitement in the air. I get exhilirated when I am around people... Read more »

New Year. New YOU!

You’ve made up your mind and you’ve made your resolution. This is the year you have said you’re going to do it! You are going to take care of yourself! Great! I have similar plans myself. I love it! It’s an exciting time! Having worked in health clubs I know what’s about to happen. Last... Read more »