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Added Home Repair Protection For Disabled

The real estate market relies heavily on the construction and home-repair segments. When people are building new homes and repairing their existing homes, things are likely going well in the real estate community. But with the slow-down of housing construction and repair, an increasing number of contractors have sought ways to keep their revenues steady.... Read more »

Loan Modifications in the News

Today’s Chicago Tribune sheds some light on the much-criticized loan modification industry in Chicago and nationwide. It’s a piercing look at the predatory nature of the business, particularly the legal community’s involvement.  For those who haven’t read the piece, it discusses the role of attorneys in the loan modification process, and how often times it... Read more »

Be Cautious With Loan Modifications/Debt Consolidation

For many families in Chicago, their financial well-being depends on the value of their home. After all, your home is likely your biggest investment. So the demise of property values has hurt millions in Chicago and beyond. Perhaps the most troubling aspect of this has been the development of secondary markets that often times prey... Read more »