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I'll Have a 15-Pack of Mac & Cheese and a Mortgage

I'll Have a 15-Pack of Mac & Cheese and a Mortgage
Costco rolled out a full-service mortgage program on Friday, adding an unusual item to its bulk-sales enterprise. The company tested the mortgage program for about a year before its launch last week via its website. The program promises great rates and lower closing costs compared to most lenders. The company partnered with 11 lenders to... Read more »

Ad Firm Wants to Pay Your Mortgage For Ad Space

Ad Firm Wants to Pay Your Mortgage For Ad Space
Would you make your home a billboard? What if doing so allowed you to stay in your home a bit longer and avoid foreclosure? These are the questions some homeowners are asking themselves in light of the program launched by marketing firm Brainiacs From Mars, based in northern California. The company will offer to pay... Read more »

Experts Predict End of 30-Year Mortgage

The New York Times recently published an article discussing what might happen to the lending market if the government formally elects to shut down Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in the coming years. The loss of these two government-run lending powerhouses, the article supposes, could signal the end of borrower luxuries like low interest rates,... Read more »

Bad Signatures the Least Concerning Foreclosure Trend

Over the last two weeks, the entire foreclosure industry has been turned upside down. Bank of America’s recent decision to put a halt to all of its foreclosure proceedings in the United States last week was the biggest shoe to drop, after weeks of other banks looking into their own potentially flawed foreclosure processes.  These... Read more »

Credit Scores Increasingly Critical in Home Buying

There was a time when your credit score was a factor in your ability to secure a home loan, but it wasn’t the most important factor. In the real estate heyday, credit scores were often overlooked as long as income — stated or actual — was steady. That was then, this is now. The Associated... Read more »