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Things You Shouldn't Hear From Your Agent

This blog has discussed before the important role of a real estate agent in a home/condo purchase. Chicago is blessed to have some of the nation’s top agents helping homebuyers find a suitable property. There are, however, some distinct warning signs that your agent isn’t right for you. Here are five statements you don’t want... Read more »

3 Danger Issues During Buyer Inspection

The attorney review and inspection period is a crucial time during any real estate transaction. Most real estate contracts call for five business days in which to inspect the premises and raise any contractual issues. This time can be extended, but the general rule is that you should have a licensed inspector conduct a comprehensive... Read more »

Tax-Credit Closing Deadline to Move?

Many first-time homebuyers took advantage of the tax credits available earlier this year to sign contracts on properties. Once the April 30 deadline for those transactions passed, the purchasers had until June 30 to close. However, with the glut of lending issues impeding swift mortgage processing, that closing deadline may be pushed back. Last week,... Read more »

So That's Why I Need A Lawyer at My Closing

It’s always difficult to advocate having a lawyer at your closing when you’re an attorney because it just sounds like you’re trying to get hired. But this point is so important, it’s worth emphasizing as one of my first posts: When you have a closing, get an independent lawyer. Most people do, which is good.... Read more »