About This Blog

I'm a practicing real estate attorney from the north side of Chicago. The purpose of this blog is to closely examine the real estate market in Chicago and surrounding suburbs from a legal perspective. Within the pages of this blog you'll find interactive and informative discussions on home buying/selling, landlord-tenant issues and the ups and downs of city's real estate market.

Throughout this process, I won't be alone. Since I have a journalist's background, I intend to bring an informed bystander's approach to the business of real estate, and how it affects Chicago residents. On this blog, you'll find many expert opinions and extensive commentary from all areas of the real estate community, including real estate agents, inspectors, lenders, fellow attorneys and many, many others.

This array of moving parts is pivotal to any real estate transaction, as I have learned during my years as an attorney. Working closely with noted real estate attorney Joseph Semerling, my practice encompasses traditional real estate work (landlord-tenant, real estate closings), as well as emerging and tangential areas of real estate transactions (loan modifications, foreclosure defense and short sales). A graduate of The John Marshall Law School, I also have experience in bankruptcy, criminal defense and estate planning. For more information about my practice, visit www.MazekLaw.com.

So I hope you enjoy the discussions, and feel free to take part by commenting, linking or otherwise interacting with Law of the Land.

It should be noted that none of the information on this blog should be construed as legal advice of any kind. For more about this important distinction, click on the Disclaimer tag above.