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Nothing more than numbers

Today I had the honor of sitting in front of a group of recent Chicago Public School graduates who now attend some of the counrty’s top universities. They’re part of an elite minority of Latino CPS graduates who “make it” and move on to much bigger and much better things in life. As a Latina... Read more »

Target's discriminatory and culturally insensitive practices serve as a reminder of progress to be made

While growing up, I often witnessed discrimination against Latinos.  In school some kids made insensitive and inflammatory comments about Latinos.  Others made sweeping generalizations about us, equating all Latinos to the stereotypical depictions seen on television or laughing about “illegal aliens” that swim across the border and supposedly steal US jobs. “It was just a... Read more »

"No, girl, it really isn’t you; it’s him": Reflections on a manchild

Almost daily, I overhear my 11th and 12th grade female high school students recount the bittersweet trials and tribulations of their young dating lives.  Often, I find myself in the position of a relationship counselor from whom these hypersensitive and impressionable minds seek advice.  As difficult as it can be to offer up my personal... Read more »

The myth of the single woman

As I walk into public spaces I can feel their cold penetrating stares.  They pull their men closer and tighter as I walk by, uncomfortable by my mere presence. His girlfriend greets my unavailable female friend but does not acknowledge my presence. A couple leaves my building as I enter.  The woman’s husband is nice... Read more »

Always First: A Declaration of Independence

Traditionally the term “first lady” refers to women married to heads of state, women who are known for their marriage and their silence.  Empty eyes, fraudulent smiles, and blank stares. Ironically, unlike their title would suggest, these women rarely come first.  Willingly playing second fiddle, they stand in the shadows of their husbands, despite their... Read more »