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La Princesa back from Mississippi

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La Princesa is back from Mississippi! I had an amazing time and am already missing it, although admittedly the weather was getting a bit too hot for me down there. I got to spend some time with some of my oldest and dearest friends doing some things that I haven’t gotten to do in forever... Read more »

La Princesa at Mardi Gras with Cole DeGenova

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I have been having the most amazing time in the south! The weather is fantastic and since I grew up down here I have been able to re-connect with some very old friends and important people in my life.  I also got to hang out with my Pilsen buddy Cole DeGenova who has been partying... Read more »

A Weekend of Art, Music and Shopping in Pilsen!

A Weekend of Art, Music and Shopping in Pilsen!
Hey guys! Glad you found me...

Meeting Morfin

  Curious about the 25th Ward elections I contacted all three candiates for a La Princesa de Pilsen exclusive. Only one found the voice  of a Pilsen based female photographer and blogger worth his time.   Temoc’ Morfin.         I sat at Jumping Bean waiting for Mr Morfin and could see him from across... Read more »

Las Touristas: Super Happy Funtime Burlesque

    This past weekend I hung out with my friends Rachel Finan and Audria Larsen. They were in town for the Windy City Burlesque Festival from Grand Rapids, MI so I showed them around Pilsen and we grabbed a bite to eat at Simone’s. They ladies loved the hip, still relatively new asset to the neighborhood... Read more »

Musician Spotlight: Cole DeGenova

Musician Spotlight: Cole DeGenova
  How this guy is not famous yet I’m not really sure. I heard his music briefly while I was interviewing Chris Paquette for La Princesa de Pilsen. I later checked out the Cole DeGenova, Fatbook and Sidewalk Chalk show at the Double Door and Cole ripped a keyboard solo that still sends chills down my... Read more »

Pawty in the Park

  Finally we have nice weather here in Chicago! Get out and enjoy out beautiful parks in Pilsen. I will be organizing a monthly “Pawty in the Park”  for Pilsen dog owners this summer.

Smooth on the Mic but He Dances Like a White Dude

   I have actually been hearing Phillip Moris’ name around Chicago for the past couple of years. Now I am not exactly what you would call a hip hop person. On a normal afternoon you are more likely to find me listening to folk, jazz or cumbia than Tupac or Rick Ross. I love the... Read more »