Who the hell is Kristin?

Wouldn't YOU like to know?! No, seriously... what do you want to know? Ask me whatever, and let's do an Internet-y 20 Questions. Crowdsourcing: it's the New Millenium way!

Until then, here's some basics:

Born a South Side Irish lass, proudly raised in Evanston, moved out East to attend Ithaca College - and no, it wasn't like Road Trip.

Worked/studied in New York wine country when she started "refining" her palate for wine (if we're even allowed to refer to anything in our college years as "refined"). Went abroad to Spain, when shit really started getting real - fun feelings developed into deeper sentiments for vino, thus the rite of passage began: the transition from lush to oenophile.

After graduating with a BS in Integrated Marketing (to which the parentals smugly refer to as a BS in Bullshit Sciences), told NYC to F off; I was returning to the REAL dining capital of America: Chicago.

It is here, in this fruitful city of ours, that I've been ambitiously frolicking all over the damn place - drinking wine and meeting people who devote their lives to it. It's my passion to learn about this amazing product of the Earth that has stood the test of time (and multiple bouts of shitty economies), and to provide an example of how people can learn about it on their own terms.

Which, in this case, IS ON THE CHEAP, Y'ALL!