Chicago’s brutal winters are far more enjoyable with a tasty craft beer in hand. Now that I mention it, so are the autumns. And springs. And summers.

A quality craft beer — or homebrew, for that matter — warms the body, relaxes the mind, and tickles the taste buds. As an enthusiastic homebrewer and microbrewery addict, I created this blog to allow others to join me in exploring and discussing what’s happening in Chicago’s thriving beer community.

Local breweries, craft beer festivals, hidden dive bars, even the five-gallon bucket full of wort currently fermenting in my living room as we speak — any beer-friendly topic is fair game. My sister (and homebrew partner) will chip in some thoughts from time to time as well.

And if you’re not a beer drinker — my condolences. At least you feel good when you wake up every morning. I guess.

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