Are Robots And Amazon Taking Over The World?

The question titling my blog has been something I've been thinking about quite a lot lately. Maybe it's because I keep hearing the latest tech news and I try to read as many tech articles I come across.

It can be exhausting, there's so much technology now and it's changing every day, kinda like Trump's tweets. According to Wired magazine, drones will replace home builders and construction workers, think masonry, sorry brick layers. And fruit picking bots will pick our apples for us.

Hey Trump, forget about building a wall, just invest in technology. These bots will save farmers millions in labor costs, replacing a vast amount of human jobs, sorry farm workers.

What about self-driving-cars? As I'm typing this blog I received a notification on my phone that GM is now ready to mass produce self-driving-cars, the irony. Sorry any kind of driver, trucker out there.

Oh, and now, Amazon. According to an article I just read in Business Insider, titled, "There's a major threat to US retailers that no one is talking about," states that most major retailers are seeing major declines this year.

According to Morgan Stanley, Amazon is taking a major share of the US apparel market. Amazon is already the 2nd largest apparel retailer in the US, trailing behind Walmart.

And what about Amazon's new grocery store undertaking? They already bought up Whole Foods and have separately created their own futuristic concept of what a grocery store should look like and it already exists in Seattle, where you scan items with your phone and leave.

In Amazon's new grocery stores, advanced cameras to protect against shoplifting will replace employees. Amazon just might be taking over the world, for real, and taking jobs. They are moving in on the multi-billion-dollar online prescription drug market that is already hurting Walgreens and CVS as well as testing out its own delivery service to rival FedEx and UPS.

Where does it stop? I hate to break it to you but all of this news, and this is just some of the news out there, is making way for humans to being irrelevant. These smart devices and robots will be able to do what we do but way faster and cheaper.

Should we be worried? Yes. Especially the minimum wage retail and grocery store worker and the work for yourself Uber driver.

So, I will conclude my article with's up to you. You have the power of where you spend your money and how. If you love to window shop and walk around at retail areas, malls included, then stop buying from Amazon.

If you don't care then keep on keeping on. Oh, and if Amazon moves its headquarters to Chicago, which we'll find out at the end of the year, you should try to work there. They are taking over the world, after all.

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