When Your Kid Doesn't Make The Cut


I got the phone call on a beautiful sunny day. I was visiting my sister and we were laying out at her country club pool in Ohio. The day was perfect-then the phone rang.

It was my daughter's dance teacher, calling to tell me that she didn't make the cut. My daughter, who was not with me at the time because she was staying with a friend so she wouldn't miss the dance try-outs, isĀ  very dedicated to dance, just as boys are to their sports.

My daughter, who is 10, has been dancing with the same dance company for 3 years. She does ballet, hip hop, contemporary & broadway dance. A nice amalgamation of different dance styles.

Last year she was in beginning troupe and got to compete at different conventions. If you've seen the show "Dance Moms" then you know what I'm talking about. This is serious stuff people.

Her instructor informed me that she didn't make the cut and won't be moving up with the majority of her BFF's and that she'll be staying behind in beginning troupe. Now I know I'm probably biased because she is my daughter and all but I think my munchkin is a hell of a fine dancer.

If I do say so myself-she's super cute and has a fun stage presence and dances to the beat. Almost ALL of her friends moved up except her, so my relaxing day at the pool turned into "more please" when the waiter came over to ask me if I wanted another cocktail.

I consumed many cocktails that day by the pool contemplating how to break the news to her. Upon returning back to Chicago from our weekend Ohio escape, I told her the news and as I predicted she was devastated.

She cried for hours and I grew angry-very angry. If she sucked then I wouldn't care but she doesn't. I paced around the house whispering to my husband, "how should we handle this?"

We decided to turn this experience into a learning moment for her in the art of not quitting. Persist and work harder and it will pay off next year during try-outs.

Work harder, don't give up and you will be rewarded next year-is the message we relayed to her. The outcome is that she is going to stick with it.

I just hope our lesson about not quitting and working harder is legit and she gets to move up next year or else I'm scared she'll end up quitting something that she loves and thus may turn out to be a quitter in life.

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