When Your Kid Doesn't Make The Cut

I got the phone call on a beautiful sunny day. I was visiting my sister and we were laying out at her country club pool in Ohio. The day was perfect-then the phone rang. It was my daughter’s dance teacher, calling to tell me that she didn’t make the cut. My daughter, who was not... Read more »

Fairies,Peasants and Wenches, Oh My! My experience at the Bristol Renaissance Faire

Roughly 45 minutes outside of Chicago you can find a time warp filled with garden fairies, sword fighting knights and wench infested taverns selling ale.  It’s the Bristol Renaissance Faire – faire of all renaissance faires (this is the only Renaissance faire I’ve ever been to). For those of you who need to brush up... Read more »

The time I decided to get my Master's Degree and it blew up in my face

After taking some years off to stay at home with my daughters I decided it was time to go back to work and show my girls that mommy is one smart lady who can hold her own. Well, to much frustration, getting back into the working world was slower this time, snails pace to be... Read more »