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Movie Madness

Although I try to see all the Oscar-nominated feature films, I’ve been on a bit of a documentary movie binge at home, where my comfy throw is nearby and the popcorn is so much better.   My most recent movie viewing explores the painful journeys that artists often have and the barriers they transcend to try... Read more »

Public Speaking by Martin Scorsese-Kelly's Queue It Up

Fran Lebowitz is my hero, and I don’t even smoke.  A writer, humorist and public speaker, she is never dull.   With a sharp edge and fierce intelligence, she dares to say what so many of us think. “All God’s children are not beautiful.  Most of God’s children are, in fact, barely presentable.” Martin Scorsese’s film,... Read more »


Every Little Step is a documentary by James Stern and Adam Del Deo — a movie I saw sometime ago, but almost let slip away.  So, when you need a little Netflix-fix, order up this DVD for a rainy Sunday afternoon and invite every wannabe dancer you know. This film provides an unprecedented look behind... Read more »