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"Life, Love, Soul" - A Filmmaker's Vision

Every morning, I get a very disturbing update on my Chicago Tribune app — telling me how many people have been shot overnight in Chicago:  “8 SHOT OVERNIGHT…..3 SHOT DEAD…7 HURT ON SOUTH AND WEST SIDES.” It is really distressing.  There is a prevailing Wild, Wild West mentality in many urban areas.  What happens to... Read more »

Oscar style Inspiration - Designer Charles James

I could use a stylist.   The current awards season (Golden Globes, SAG, Grammy Awards) and the upcoming Oscars have put me in a tizzy over what to wear.   I really want to look good, while I’m sitting on my couch saying aloud:  “Jennifer Hudson is NOT a size 6.  I don’t care how good she... Read more »

Glen Campbell - The "Goodbye Tour"

So, how can it be so?  Glen Campbell is 75 years old.  How does a poor Delight, Arkansas sharecropper’s son (one of 12 kids) become an iconic singer and musician in an amazing career spanning 50 years? How did he produce hit after hit, selling millions of records, many with songwriter Jimmy Webb?  Then,... Read more »

Freddy Cole -A Chicago original

Lately, I’ve been thinking about all the great talents who have hailed from Chicago – musical and otherwise. So, after feeling sorry for myself and applying for a job as Head of Makeup at Al Jazeera, I brought out some of my Freddy Cole CDs. I know that music soothes the soul and takes the... Read more »

There Are Two Asses In Assassin-Kelly's Bravo

THERE ARE TWO ASSES IN ASSASSIN. Okay, that is the best title – ever.  It is also a really funny and slightly bittersweet short story (and soon, a full-length book) of an inept and compassionate hit man.  It was written by Randy Rohn, an author who seamlessly combines suspense, intrigue and comedy. Sometimes super talented... Read more »


I know I’m really late.  But, I finally found a good reason for Emily Dickinson to leave the house.  The new Poetry Foundation building has opened, and it is a beauty.   Sleek and splendid it its simplicity and class, this may be my respite from flash mobs and panhandlers. I attended the Open House... Read more »