Really, Rahm?

Once again, Mr. Power-Hungry Man has a bug up him and has spoken way too soon.  I get that an Alderman, who wants his 15 minutes of fame, is so quick to make nasty accusations against a hard-working business owner.  However, the mayor of a major American city has now deemed it necessary to weigh in on a chicken company's "values?"

Does anyone's stance on gay marriage have anything to do with, "May I help you?" or "Can I take your order, please?"  I don't believe anyone has ever quoted Scripture to me in a Chick-fil-A restaurant.

"Paper or plastic?"  So, while the Dominick's employee is bagging my groceries, would it be okay if I ask him how he feels about the death penalty?

Somehow I never equate the word, "values" with Rahm Emanuel.  Other words come to mind.  But, that one is just not on the top of my list.

Really, Rahm?  Don't you have better things to do?  My list is getting longer by the day -- oh, you know, like trying to fix our welfare city, eradicating the mob mentality and murders in our city and honestly acknowledging the lack of education and responsibility by absentee parents.

Gosh, talk about "values" -- maybe you could even ask Jesse Jackson, Jr. to go back to work and do the job that he was elected to do.  But, I have a feeling that is not going to happen.  I mean this Mayor actually had the nerve to say that Congress doesn't work anyway, so why should a highly-paid and taxpayer, pension-supported US House of Representative even bother to show up?

"Values?"  Are you kidding me????

Mayor Rahm may want to take a seat and cool his jets on this one.  This comes from a guy who can set aside the incendiary and bigoted comments from the devout Nation of Islam leader, who he thinks will help with gang and drug violence (in your dreams, Rahm).  You may want to check in on how Rev. Louis is imparting his religious beliefs, while he's meeting with the gang bangers.  Better yet, why doesn't the Mayor ask him how he feels about homosexuality and Jewish people?  Ouch, he may have to revisit his "values" on that.

Yet, a deeply religious business owner can't put people to work and sell chicken on a biscuit?  Funny, I have never been asked what I thought about gay marriage, when I have placed my food order at Chick-fil-A.  Is Alderman Moreno proposing that we question every single entrepreneur and business owner on their personal beliefs, before they get approval to open?  I think he is venturing into some dangerous territory.

Last time I checked, I had no clue what a McDonald's franchise owner's belief was on same-sex marriage, or how my local dry cleaner feels about a transgender person's grease stain, or how the Starbucks barista feels about abortion -- and you know what, I DON'T CARE!!  It has no place in a zoning or business license approval by our self-serving elected officials.

It is absolutely a shocking turn of events when Alderman Proco ("Joe") Moreno can pick and choose who can and cannot do business, based on whether they dare to disagree with him on a personal belief.

Oh, and just FYI:  there has been not one shred of evidence that Chick-fil-A has discriminated against ANYBODY!  Have they refused to serve someone who is for gay marriage?  Prove it, Proco.

So, I say that PROCO IS LOCO!

Chick-fil-A® Spicy Chicken Biscuit

Chick-fil-A<span class='reg'>&reg;</span> Spicy Chicken Biscuit

All of my Chick-fil-A experiences have been good.  The store is clean, the staff is pleasant and the food is tasty.  Not once, did anyone ever know my stance on gay marriage.  (Just for the record, I am totally okay with it).  In fact, it doesn't faze me in the least.  I'd rather committed gay couples get married than ignorant and uninformed straight people.

However, when did it become okay to assume that someone is "discriminatory" for their own personal and religious beliefs?  Beliefs that have not one iota to do with selling waffle fries!  Oh, and Chick-fil-A has some very good waffle fries.  I recommend them with their special sauce, too.

Mmmmm....I just had breakfast.  But, I am feeling that Spicy Chicken Biscuit feeling coming on.

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