Pet Poodle Shrinks and wasted tax dollars

Like most of humanity, I have suffered some deep sadness in life.  I didn't need any Xanax or to update my living will --  but, I totally get how debilitating those times can be.   I am also a big believer in strong therapeutic assistance.   Along with a  creamy bread pudding, professional help can be very useful.

What has sent me into the vortex of despair this week is an idiotic decision by an elected official in our almost, if-not-already, bankrupt State of Illinois.

The Attorney General, Lisa Madigan, has filed a lawsuit on behalf of a 67-year-old painter, suing his Lake Shore Drive condo association, who dared to inform him that he must abide by their rules and regulations regarding limitations on pets.

His plea:  He needs his two pet poodles to help him battle chronic depression.

Really?  Gosh, if there was ever a litigious way to clog up our court system with the silly, selfish and inane actions of some nutjob, this takes the prize.

If you couch this legalese under the Illinois Human Rights Act, it actually sounds like something we should act upon.  But, in the scheme of all the unjust things that take place in our world, this ranks as a big fat ZERO!

It is ridiculous and pathetic.  While I'm at it, I want to say to another woman, who filed suit, saying she needed her dogs for her panic attacks -- you also have a screw loose.   How do these grown adults manage to live in a communal building, in an urban setting, when they are so mentally void on so many levels?  Go live in a Little House on the Prairie.

The pet panacea is bogus!   Not to mention, an undue burden on all us who, if the AG has her way, will be paying financial settlements to people who cannot function without their doggies and blankies.  As Joan Rivers would say, "Grow up!"

By the way, doesn't Lisa Madigan have something better to do, especially when it comes to representing our long-term interests?  Oh, I don't know, tending to those pesky issues like Medicare fraud, over-the-counter drug schemes, Link card welfare abuse, companies ripping off Senior Citizens with home-improvement projects???...the list goes on and on.

Pet Poodle Shrinks for painters??  Lisa Madigan, get a major reality check!!  Calling all sensible people to put a stop to this!

Unless it is UGGIE, who can tap-dance and perform CPR, tell Pablo Picasso in his condo to take a pill.

The "plaintiff" enjoys a second home in New Mexico.  So, I wonder how he manages to travel cross-country with such chronic depression?  Apparently, he can only paint more pictures when his doggies are around.   What a complete waste of my tax payer dollars!!

But, this legal mumbo-jumbo has come from the daughter of a man -- yes, Speaker Mike Madigan, who found it necessary to give $60,000 to Representative (and I use that term loosely) Derrick Smith, formally indicted this week on a bribery charge.  He won't resign, and it also seems he hasn't shown up for work lately.   Talk about dogs.

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Lisa, a word of advice and some words to share with you:

Condominium associations need to provide rules, restrictions and regulations to ensure livable, clean and civilized environments.

There are limitations on dogs.

Pet owners will take all measures necessary to assure that the pet will not cause a nuisance, annoyance or inconvenience to others in the building.

I have a theory about people who always feel that they are exempt from the rules of civilized society -- somewhere along the way, maybe while they were sucking on their mother's breast, they were told how "special" they were.  My Mom told me that, too.  But, she also held me accountable for my behavior and how it may affect those around me, who we now call our  "neighbors."

Just so you know, this isn't about service dogs for paralyzed vets or a guide dog for a legally blind person.  This is about Lisa Madigan clogging up our court system with frivolous lawsuits.  Shame on her!

If not one, but two doctors, can write notes prescribing pet poodles for depression -- I think that Lisa Madigan may want to focus her time and energy on their professional credentials.   She may want to instruct her staff to look at their medical licenses for any fraudulent activity.

What is next?  A tenant demanding a pet snake to provide comfort for his heartburn?....or, someone needs a few rats to help ease his heart palpitations?

Actually, the constant yapping of pet poodles, affecting my sleep and sanity, could send me into a very depressed state.  I wonder if  Lisa will file a lawsuit on my behalf?   My guess is "Not on your life."

She is probably too busy planning a fund-raiser with her Daddy for corrupt politicians.



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  • Solution: hasten one poodle's demise, then stuff it. The owner still benefits from its calming "presence," yet it no longer barks, eats or craps, satisfying condo rules. Granted, the remaining poodle will need grief counseling, or possibly drugs.

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