Burke's Bogus Bodyguards - Kelly's Vent-i-lation!

Okay, after the news broke last week that Chicago taxpayers are paying almost $600,000 per year for Alderman Edward Burke's bodyguards, did it suddenly get very quiet at City Hall?

Shhhh- we mustn't say this too loudly.   But, let's call it what it is -- SHAMEFUL -- and another over-the-top public official taking advantage of  his constituents.

Wasn't this the same guy who expressed indignation over the fact that the Art Institute of Chicago raised their admission rates by a couple of dollars?  I mean, how dare they try to pay their electric bill and save jobs at one of America's most well-respected cultural institutions.

After all, Alderman Burke could have used some of that dough to send one of his six bodyguards to buy another pocket hanky!!

I know that I can't be the only scrambling-to-play-catch-up-with-the-plummeting stock market slug, who is more than slightly appalled at the utter arrogance of the chairman of the City Council Finance Committee.

Are you annoyed yet?  Wait, there is more.

I think his last death threat was around 1986, or when"Dynasty" was on the air.  Seriously, if it wasn't so egregious, I would be going out for a red velvet cupcake right now and not writing this blog post.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who seems to have backed off his earlier threats of making "tough choices," has not yet cut this wasteful spending.  I know the all-too-powerful Burke controls some serious campaign cash, and that the Democratic candidates are hoping to benefit from his generosity.

But, enough is enough.  If the Alderman falls on hard times, he can always look to his lovely wife, Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke.  She is probably all set with a very nice pension and a spare fob for him.

In the past, when the police department sought to reduce the detail, Alderman Burke sued.  He may do so again and clog up the court system.  We will probably pay for that, too.  But, at least the Better Government Association won't have to beg for information to be released.   It will be on the public record.

Some food for thought:  Most of the officers providing "security" are making six figures.  Wow!!  What a great gig -- driving him to restaurants, holding his dapper top coat, running to open doors at the private clubs to which he belongs.

I only hope that they leave him alone in the sauna.  I really don't think we should be footing the bill for a towel boy!!




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  • Alderman Burke was a former police officer, years ago I was part of a team that was hired by an advertising agency to help with his first campaign. I was surprised by some of the places that we had to go to retrieve him for photo shoots: an expensive hair stylist salon among others.
    He has always been an imperial presence with the expensive wardrobe that seems more fitting for a runway show of old fashion plates who like to flaunt
    their wealth with flashy well cut bespoke suits.
    Burke is like the late Tom Keene another imperial alderman.
    When do we wake up and vote these preening ego trippers out?
    As to the bodyguards, what the hell are we doing paying for man power for this man when the resources could be put to better use.
    This is Chicago where the powerful seem to get away with whatever they want. Kelly thank you for keeping this issue alive.

  • I've been observing his majesty, Alderman Burke, in and around city hall for the past 25 years. A staff of city employees serves his every need, regardless of whether the Alderman is on city time or personal time. A noble jesture to the city and to his constituents, would be for Alderman Burke to do the right thing and cancel the bodyguard detail.
    Quit hiding behind a decades old court order. Put your ego and arrogance on the shelf, learn how to drive your own car, and allow the
    city to put the $500K to proper use.

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