Every Little Step is a documentary by James Stern and Adam Del Deo -- a movie I saw sometime ago, but almost let slip away.  So, when you need a little Netflix-fix, order up this DVD for a rainy Sunday afternoon and invite every wannabe dancer you know.

This film provides an unprecedented look behind the grueling audition process for the 2006 revival of A Chorus Line and was directed by Baayork Lee, who played "Connie" in the original Broadway production.

Yes, you may need to accept the fact that you are old enough to remember the musical that changed the way we look at musicals.

Actors Equity allowed the camera crew backstage for an honest and heart-wrenching look at the dying-to-be-in-a-Broadway show, over-the-top talented actors, singers and gypsy dancers putting it all out there.

The major coup is the archival footage and interviews with the original co-creator Michael Bennett and magnetic cast members, including Donna McKechnie ("Cassie"), Bennett's dancing muse and one-time wife.  You heard me right -- this gay choreography fell in love with and married a really impressive woman.

The film captures all the jitters and joy which accompany any major theatrical venture.  Bob Avian, another co-creator, lends compassion and creative support to the cast crew, offering insights to what goes on in the casting process.

Watch this movie, and you will feel compelled to hit "pause" on the constant Lays potato chip noshing and get those glutes in gear.  The dancers are incredible, their bodies expressing every moment of longing, despair and artistry.

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