Boycott the Breast-feeding Baby! - Kelly's Vent-i-lation

You have got to be kidding me!!!  So, for a mere $69.99 (plus tax & shipping), you too can have your 8-year-old simulate breast-feeding with a new baby doll.  Gee, and we wonder why the Chinese own the world.

That's what every mother's hopes and dreams should be for her little daughter -- before mastering penmanship, proper grammar and cognitive thinking.  Now, it's this:  "Hey, Honey -- let's learn how to unhook a halter top and have Breast Milk Baby suckle on your nipple."

breastk milk baby doll

If it is about children imitating their mothers, can't they come up with a loftier goal, one that inspires girls to use their intelligence and talent towards making a mark in the world?  Why, when it comes to females, must it always involve an erotic body part?   It's never about striving for accomplishments in scientific research, feeding the homeless or writing the great American novel.

It's about Botox and boobs!   Talk about lost innocence in childhood.   I am now grateful to have had those nasty Catholic high-school nuns who made me read books by Fyodor Dostoevsky.  I mean, we didn't even think that nuns had breasts!

Okay, I get that it doesn't have to be all about literary brilliance -- but, do you really want your daughter asking you to put a Ken & Barbie birth control kit under the tree next Christmas?

Oh, and to think that some people are in a moral tizzy over Marilyn Monroe's sculpted Granny panties, currently on display on Michigan Avenue.   I have a hunch that every kid who has walked by that work of art has seen more porn online at home or in the window at Victoria's Secret.

Of course, the Spain-based Berjuan Toy company is suggesting that the Breast Milk Baby Doll is a way to promote the "health benefits for mother and child, versus a culture that advocates bottle-feeding."   Gosh, what a wonderful sales pitch.

It also brings a whole new meaning to play dates.





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