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Dan Proft’s dishonest spin on his election losses, Durkin is pathetic

Since his candidate’s election loss to Rep. Ron Sandack, political operative Dan Proft has been in a dishonest state of spin control. And he keeps spinning and spinning and spinning on blogs and social media. The spin? That Proft’s involvement in these Illinois GOP races – particularly Sandack’s race – had to do with principle,... Read more »

Illinois Policy Institute Files Questionable Lawsuit Over Denial of its Press Credentials

Chicago, Illinois –  The Illinois Policy Institute has filed a lawsuit over the denial of press credentials to its so-called “journalist-in-residence” Scott Reeder and it is a real stretch. Apparently, Reeder is being denied access to Illinois state house and senate press boxes because of his affiliation with Illinois Policy Institute, which is also a... Read more »

March for Life Chicago Sends Mixed Message with Questionable Speakers

“If this is true, it is one of the reasons we continue to lose after 41 years of child killing” – Operation Rescue’s Troy Newman Chicago, Illinois, January 21, 2014 – Hundreds of people gathered at Chicago’s Federal Plaza and the James R. Thompson Center Sunday to call for an end to legalized abortion and... Read more »

Dan Proft Grilled on Cicero, Donors at Elmhurst College

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WLS Co-Host Dan Proft Grilled on Cicero, Donors at Elmhurst College Chicago, Illinois – Plummeting radio ratings are not the only thing WLS co-host Dan Proft is battling these days. Proft appeared recently at an Elmhurst College lecture series while, simultaneously, his assistant struggled to keep the rumor of a second run for governor alive... Read more »

Illinois GOP Still Playing Games with Pro-Life, Abortion Vote

Illinois GOP Still Playing Games with Pro-Life, Abortion Vote
Chicago, Illinois, January 23, 2013 –  For forty years, the Illinois GOP establishment has been talking out of both sides of their mouths on the abortion issue.  Some call it “politics as usual.” But for the pro-life activists dedicated to this cause, abortion isn’t a game; its life and death. Many Republicans game the abortion... Read more »