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OUTRAGE: CBS reporter injects racism into race between Rahm and Chuy Garcia

OUTRAGE: CBS reporter injects racism into race between Rahm and Chuy Garcia
Mayor Rahm Emanuel has long enjoyed the shrieking support of certain reporters in the Chicago media. From Rahm’s cooked Chicago murder statistics scandal (Tiara Groves was a homicide, not a non-criminal death investigation) to public rage over mass public school closures (50 schools in predominantly black and Latino neighborhoods), media reports critical of Emanuel are... Read more »

Reporter to Rahm Emanuel: Chicago is the 'murder capital' not the 'culinary capital' of the U.S.

Chicago, Illinois – Chicago’s bloody Fourth of July holiday weekend has put the city’s record murder rate back in the national headlines.  With less than a year before the mayoral elections, Mayor Rahm Emanuel was in full spin control Wednesday trying to change the conversation at Chicago’s Taste of Chicago. An embarrassed Mayor Emanuel wanted to... Read more »

MAYOR ON THE STREET: Kelly puts Hillary Clinton supporters to the test (VIDEO)

Chicago, Illinois, June 12, 2014 – In the second episode of “Mayor on the Street,” William J. Kelly puts Hillary Clinton supporters to the test. They say they are really “Ready for Hillary” but they can’t seem to explain why. Watch the video here:

Atheists, Christians Clash at Daley Plaza's Christmas Display in Chicago (VIDEO)

Chicago, Illinois, December 23, 2013 – In this just released video, watch as atheists and Christians clash at Daley Plaza’s Christmas Display in Chicago. Christian demonstrators had just unfurled a large banner with the words, “A is for Angels” in front of the giant letter, “A” for atheist sign. The heckler claimed to be a... Read more »

KELLY: Congress, media have ignored Rep. Bobby Rush's tax problems long enough

Chicago, Illinois, December 16, 2013 – Back in 1994, when I ran for congress against Rep. Bobby Rush in the First Congressional District, his back taxes were already a problem. The media and Congress ignored it then. Will they continue to ignore it now after this latest investigation involving Rep. Rush that has unearthed more than... Read more »