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Dan Proft’s dishonest spin on his election losses, Durkin is pathetic

Since his candidate’s election loss to Rep. Ron Sandack, political operative Dan Proft has been in a dishonest state of spin control. And he keeps spinning and spinning and spinning on blogs and social media. The spin? That Proft’s involvement in these Illinois GOP races – particularly Sandack’s race – had to do with principle,... Read more »

Did Capitol Fax's Rich Miller Just Sell Out to Bruce Rauner? (VIDEO)

Chicago, Illinois – Capitol Fax’s Rich Miller is taking advertising dollars from GOP candidate Bruce Rauner. Is it affecting or will it affect his coverage of Rauner’s campaign? Watch me weigh in here. I’ll even poke some fun at Rahm’s pal Rauner and read some comments from the soon-to-be-famous scribe Oswego Willy.