Watch the funny Madigan documentary parody video Gov. Rauner tried to censor

It's almost election time and that means we could all use a good parody video. This is the best one I've seen. Take a look!

Sadly, I guess Gov. Rauner and his friends at the Illinois Policy Institute didn't think this parody video of their faux Madigan documentary/hit piece/excuse for a political ad very funny. Personally, I think it's the funniest thing I've ever seen. The hilarious trailer is based on a trailer from the Illinois Policy Institute. In fact, it's pretty dead on amusing.

Rauner and his Illinois Policy Institute money buddies were so upset about the Madigan parody trailer that they complained to Vimeo to have the parody taken down but it didn't work and the parody is back up. There are two versions to choose from. I've included the "clean" version - minus the bad words here. (Check out the website for the PG version).  According to an email I received from "Sergeant Schultz," some members of the Chicago media (i.e. Capitol Fax, Chicago Tribune) did not want to mention that Vimeo rejected the fraudulent copyright claim by Illinois Policy Institute.

Only fans of Big Brother try to censor free speech and, apparently in this case, Illinois Policy Institute made a false claim to Vimeo that the parody video - which is protected speech - infringed on their copyright.

Why would Gov. Rauner try to censor a parody video?

The parody knocks Illinois Policy Institute for its "fake newspapers, fake radio networks, and fake policy institutes" and slams Rauner for his Madigan obsession when he was actually elected to solve Illinois' problems. After three years, what has Gov. Rauner done instead? Rauner has become Illinois' own version of Captain Ahab chasing the white whale and Illinois Policy Institute profits from the obsession. How can we root for Rauner & Co. when they are so morally compromised? When their ethics are so lacking?

Laugh at Gov. Rauner and his friends at Illinois Policy Institute. This funny parody gives you a good reason to laugh at them and cry for Illinois.

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