Betrayed Illinois Pro-Life Voters Need New Leaders to Stand Up Against Rauner

Betrayed Illinois Pro-Life Voters Need New Leaders to Stand Up Against Rauner

This is for all the pro-life and pro-family voters who feel betrayed by Gov. Bruce Rauner and his lackeys in what's left of Illinois' conservative movement.

I understand that you feel bitter. I understand you are angry. I know you are wondering why the heads of so many pro-life organizations in Illinois how bowed to Rauner and his money and have looked the other way.  You have a right to feel that way and don't let anyone tell you different.

You won't hear this in the Illinois Review or anywhere else but I'm going to give it to you straight because you need to hear it.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a column about how Bruce Rauner's candidacy had been aided and abetted by some Illinois pro-life leaders, legislators, and other assorted faux conservative "thought leaders."  I also included a video of a meeting of pro-family leaders trying to convince voters to support Rauner during the 2014 general election.  See the video again here.

But for these "conservative" leaders, someone like Rauner, with his history of Democrat contributions and mass donations to the ACLU and Planned Parenthood, would never have gotten past the primary.  This is the man who made Rahm Emanuel a millionaire and appointed Obama's former Chief of Staff, Bill Daley, and Glenn Poshard, a Democrat candidate for Governor, to his transition team. These sell-outs deliberately let the proverbial fox into the chicken coop.

Some did it for the money and have lined their pockets with hundreds of thousands of dollars courtesy of Bruce Rauner and his Combine.  Others did it for promises of power and access. Rauner's candidacy was years in the making. All of this was a deliberate, greed-filled act.

Regardless, of their motivation, it wasn't to further any pro-life or conservative cause. What a laugh they are all having on pro-life and conservative voters who put any trust in their words.  These "leaders" used pro-life and conservative voters as a bargaining chip to Bruce Rauner and his Combine in exchange for money.  They made Illinois voters their dupes. They are not ashamed of what they've done. They've been too busy counting their money.

You were used to make someone money. That's why you have a right to feel so bitter.

To date, it's clear how people like John Tillman and Dan Proft, who receive millions of dollars from Rauner and his donors, have lined their pockets.  If Rauner votes against pro-life positions, why should they care?  After all, their pockets are full. Proft continues to speak at pro-life events and and supposedly Catholic "leaders" like Mary Ann Hackett of Catholic Citizens let him because of the money he brings to the table.  I'm guessing these pro-life "leaders" either are receiving the cash or are hoping to soon.

Others have deceived you as well. Paul Caprio of Family PAC endorsed Rauner for governor and he also tried to help defeat a veteran pro-life legislator, Sen. Sam McCann, who was endorsed by every other pro-life organization in Illinois. Despite millions in negative ads against him from Rauner's troll, Dan Proft,  McCann bested Rauner and Rauner is still mad about it.

There are also sitting legislators like Rep. Tom Morrison who claim to be more pro-life than anyone else but not pro-life enough to stand up to Rauner when it counted.  Later this month, Morrison will have a joint fundraiser with pro-abortion operative, Dan Proft.  Former Rep. Joe Walsh also stood on a stage with Rauner to endorse his term limits petition and in return, Rauner's second biggest donor funds his entire operation.  All of these people and more knew that Rauner supported abortion rights.

You can't be pro-life and take millions of dollars from a pro-abortion governor and his pals. You also can't be pro-life and use that dirty money to advance a pro-abortion governor's agenda or attack pro-life conservatives.

Read my column and watch the video again if you need to understand who and what we are dealing with.

Since taking office, Rauner and his appointed cabal of corrupt insiders have done terrible damage to what was left of Illinois' pro-family and conservative movement.  His appointed comptroller, Leslie Munger, surrendered millions in taxpayer dollars to one of Rauner's pet causes, Planned Parenthood, at a time when he has cut off services to the elderly and disabled.  Last month, Rauner signed a bill into law forcing every doctor, pharmacist, and pregnancy center to promote abortion regardless of religious and moral conviction.

Proft and Caprio and Morrison and many others who claim conservative and pro-life credentials are responsible for this abortion legislation and Rauner's funding of Planned Parenthood.

Others who have supposedly devoted their entire lives to the pro-life issue have selective about speaking out. Why didn't David Smith of the Illinois Family Institute speak out against Rauner during the general election?  Why did he say he was "undecided?" Why doesn't he speak out against Rauner's quislings, especially people like Dan Proft, now? Not only has Proft received millions to aid and abet  Rauner but he has used that money to attack conservative and pro-life candidates for office and help his pals get elected.

Is it because of Rauner's money? If another pro-abortion candidate without Rauner's money would have run for governor would he have been undecided then?

This is why Rauner is governor and it is why new pro-abortion laws have been passed in Illinois that force Christian doctors and crisis pregnancy centers to promote abortions.

If you are mad, you should be. But being mad isn't enough. It's time to do something about it.

Illinois pro-life voters need new leaders who will stand up to Rauner and his faux conservative crony cabal who are in it for the money. We need new people who care about the pro-life issue and will fight for it. We need new people who will not cave to Rauner and his money. We need people who will speak out against the hypocrisy of those "pro-life leaders" who are on Rauner's payroll. End your membership in pro-life groups that supported Rauner and his cronies. Support good pro-life people and leaders who haven't sold out to Rauner and his cronies.

Don't vote for legislators that turned and looked the other way on life. Don't attend rallies and speeches by Rauner's surrogates. Refuse to be a dupe.

If you don't stand up against Rauner, who will?

Not the cronies who are on his payroll. That is for sure.


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