Google, Miller Coors Sign On to Disgraced Cook County GOP Official Jeremy Rose’s EE13 New Year’s Bash

Chicago, Illinois, Wednesday, January 1, 2014 – It has been less than three years since Jeremy Rose, former executive director of the Cook County Republican Party, was forced to resign in scandal after allegations of sexual misconduct involving Rose and a female member of the Chicago Young Republicans (CYRs). However, Rose’s troubling history has not diminished the flow of political largess to Rose and his CorStrategies partner, Colin Corbett, who is now (in a nice little political bait-and-switch) the current spokesman for the Cook County GOP.

Rose & Co, have been regularly tapped to run the Illinois GOP Conventions in addition to other lucrative local and state political contracts. Rose has been running the political show for the last two years running –allegations of sexual misconduct with young Republican females notwithstanding.

Last night, Rose, Corbett and CorStrategies also hosted a New Year’s soiree, EE13, at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel for budding entrepreneurs with “five hours of top-shelf bar. ”This is the event’s third year and Rose teamed with major sponsors like Google, Miller Coors, NBC, Brad Keywell’s Future Founder’s Foundation, and the Chicago Entrepreneur Center.  Rose and Corbett’s political connections cemented the sponsor ties.

If these companies are not aware of Rose’s disreputable past, perhaps they should be.

The Jeremy Rose scandal is a sordid one.  Full details HERE.

The long-short story is that on the night of June 17, 2009, a young woman attending an event held by the Chicago Young Republicans (CYRs) and was invited back to the home of Rose, who was then the president off the group.

The poor woman described what happened next in this email sent to Richard Veenstra, a Republican official, and reported a disturbing story:

"I became very uncomfortable on the walk over, as Jeremy was putting his hand on my neck and around my waist. When we arrived, Jeremy continued with this sort of behavior, putting his hand on my thigh, tickling me, and leaning in very close to me. It really felt like he had invited me to his place solely to see if he could sleep with me," wrote the woman who apparently believed that other people would be at Rose’s residence.

She also claims Rose tried to prevent her from leaving. "Jeremy and the other guy refused to walk me out, saying I needed to stay and hang out with them, and Jeremy took my phone away from me and sat on my lap, not letting me up.”

The woman said she noticed “I have always observed Jeremy being very ‘hands-on’ with women at CYR events."

At the time an anonymous group of CYRs calling themselves “Roxy Vanilla” also alleged that other Republican females had encounters with Rose.

But like most political scandals, the cover-up is as bad as the alleged crime.

Lee Roupas, the Cook County GOP Chairman at the time, sat on the allegations against Rose for a year, during which time Rose was actually promoted and hired as executive director of the Cook County GOP. Rose resigned in July of 2010 after media outlets began reporting the story of the "cover-up."

No wonder the Republican Party does so well in Illinois.



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