Watch Republicans Revolt Against Illinois GOP Chair Pat Brady (VIDEO)

Chicago, Illinois, April 15, 2013 - Republican voters gathered this weekend at the Tinley Park Convention Center to call on Illinois GOP chairman Pat Brady  to resign.   Brady is being pressured to resign after contacting GOP legislators to support legislation to permit same sex marriage in Illinois. But Republican activists say Brady's repeated election losses and habit of involving himself personally in GOP primaries is the true source of the anger against the embattled Illinois GOP chairman.

The tensions came to a head at a meeting of the State Central Republican Committee ("SCC.").  Approximately 100 people waited to make public comments against the chairman. State Sen. Jim Oberweis reminded Brady that the SCC had previously allowed public comment prior to executive sessions since a previous session had lasted two hours. But Brady dismissed Oberweis and members voted to take public comment after executive session. The move was greeted with loud boos and objections from the audience.  Brady promised the audience the session would only take 20 minutes and people left without incident.

Watch the video of the meeting here.

Instead of 20 minutes, Republican voters were forced to wait more than three hours to make a two-minute public comment. During the three hour wait in the hallway, people began to chant "we have rights," "let us in," and 'throw him out."  Someone from the Illinois GOP called convention center security and then the police.  Two hours later, more police arrived and cleared people from the hallways, locking the doors behind them. This included grandmas using walkers and wheelchairs.

It was a shameful display of disrespect and malice against regular Republicans by Pat Brady and his supporters on the Republican State Central Committee.

Members of the mainstream media were allowed into the meeting room - but conservative members of the media were excluded. A statement from the Illinois GOP says that conservative media were not barred and that it was "just a mistake."  Members of the SCC were seen exiting the building and it was only than that people were allowed into the room for public comment.

After three hours, the people that waited were allowed two minutes or less to make their comments against the Illinois chairman. The public comments were cut off after 15-20 minutes - depriving many who had waited the opportunity to speak.

"This is how Pat Brady and the Illinois Republican Party really feels about regular Republicans," said a disgruntled GOP precinct captain who had wanted to speak.


William J. Kelly is the conservative columnist for the Communities at the Washington Times and writes for national publications including the American Spectator. He is an Emmy award-winning  TV producer with offices in Chicago. He is also a former candidate for a former candidate for Illinois comptroller. For questions, please contact him at


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  • Did Pat Brady learn his parliamentary skills from the Chicago Schools and CTA Boards? There is definitely a combine of the those with the political power in Illinois.

    At this point, I don't care one way or the other about same sex marriage as a legislative act, "But Republican activists say Brady's repeated election losses" should have been sufficient.

    Sic semper "Democracy" in Illinois.

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