TV Host Mocks Occupy Chicago Protesters (VIDEO)

TV Host Mocks Occupy Chicago Protesters (VIDEO)

Chicago, October 13, 2011 - They came. They saw. They protested. But do the Occupy protesters  make any sense at all?  From the unwashed smelly legions littering Manhattan streets with their garbage-strewn campsites (isn't this Al Gore's crowd?) to their rambling demands to the turn towards mob violence the protests have taken, Americans are still baffled by the message and tactics of these "occupiers."

At least the Americans who have actually heard of them. According to a new poll released Monday, only 51% of America has.

But the lack of a cohesive message hasn't stopped demonstrators.  In Chicago's financial district, occupiers have shouted, booed, chanted, and banged their drums at passerbys for the last 19 days, trying to elicit a reaction to their anti-Wall Street message.

Liberals often mock conservatives for their nostalgia for all things Ronald Reagan. But progressives, too, ache to recreate the Hippie/Yippie Movement of the 1960s. From their style, dress, and "peace out" language, Occupy protesters are clearly hoping to conjure the left-wing ghosts of Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin with their modern take on yippiedom.

But were Abbie and Jerry anywhere to be found?

Spearheaded by union organizers and Democrat party activists, the Occupy protesters are on an incoherent mission: to distribute chaos, confusion, and a pro-big government message that attempts to absolve President Obama of any responsibility for the worsening economic crisis.

But what happens when the tables are turned?  Can the protesters handle a little chaos factor in return? William Kelly, an Emmy-nominated TV host, surprised Occupy Chicago protesters at a demonstration at the Chicago Board of Trade recently. Grabbing a drum, Kelly joined in the protest before unleashing a mocking  rap.

Watch Kelly's  funny "Wall Street Rap" here:

Baffled by the TV host's antics, the protesters just continued to pound their drums and shake their tambourines.

Kelly, a graduate of the Second City Conservatory and a conservative blogger, saw their response as proof of the protesters' incoherence.  "Who is to blame for the bailouts? Wall Street or corrupt government officials?" asked Kelly. "Since these union-backed protesters don't seem to be blaming government or President Obama, they don't really have much credibility."

"I'm not sure they [the protesters] even understand the point of their own protest. But they sure like those drums," said Kelly.

Abbie Hoffman must be shaking his dead liberal head about now.



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    She wrote, he joked, but did this article really have a point? Short answer: NO.

    Whenever anyone does anything amazing, those who cannot or whom do not understand what is happening resort to kindergarten tactics of 'making fun' of what they clearly do not understand.

    Free speech and the right to assemble freely. That is what's happening. That is the point.

    Protests have affected great change in this country and I would rather have them out there peacefully speaking their minds, than breaking down your door and dragging you out in to the street.

    And so should you...

  • This post is not true. I have not participated but often work in the city and have been by Occupy Chicago about 5 times now. They are not a mob and they are not making a mess. They have a board on which they state their rules of cleanliness. They are following those rules. They are far cleaner than any of the crowds at the City's events all summer. They are completely non-violent, also better than most crowds at the City's summer parties. I was caught in their BOA protest yesterday afternoon on my way to a meeting and I felt completely safe. Also, they have a cohesive message. Chicago's Occupy Movement was the first to come up with a list of demands and they have daily meetings to work on their message and they post minutes of their meetings online. They also have a mission statement: "Occupy Chicago is here to fight corporate abuse of American democracy in solidarity with our brothers and sisters around the world." So, basically this post is just another instance of bad journalism to further an agenda.

  • Kelly is a Libertarian in "truth squad" clothing.

  • It's pretty clear what the Occupy Movement is all about. Wall Street committed fraud and not one executive is doing time.

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