Fake @MayorEmanuel a F--ing Fraud?

I knew that would get your f--ing attention. That and f--ing Hambone.
It's here. F--ing Election Day in Chicago. Are you sitting at the edge of your seat wondering how it's going to f--ing end? I don't know about you but I can't f--ing help but feel that we - the people of Chicago - have been played. 
We've always been played in one way or another. Machine politics is all about f--ing manipulation. It's different this time. We've been played in every way that you can be played. What the motherf--  happened? Mayor Daley got his f--ing bag o'silver that's f--ing what. 
Here are a few things that f--ing annoyed me. Perhaps they've annoyed the f-- outta you too: 
#1. F--ing residency challenge
First, the f--ing Chicago Board of Election Fraud rules for Rahm. Then the Appellate Court rules against him when they f--ing know the Supreme Court's going to reverse it. F--.

#2 F--ing Chicago Board of Election Fraud
First f--ing time for everything. Fifty f--ing years of knocking candidates off the ballot for BS reasons and it all grinds to f--ing halt. Not a resident? No f--ing problem. Sorry f--ing city workers, you still gotta actually live in this s--hole.
#3 F--ing Chicago media
 Chicago Sun-Times saves some f--ing dough by lifting Rahm's copy. Mass layoff of writers. Serves them f--ing right. Rahm fires PR team and hires Trib editorial board. "Let Rahm Run" campaign a f--ing success. 
#4. More f--ing Chicago media
F--ing loved the glamour shots of Rahm when McFlannery interviewed him at Fox. Was waiting for Snooki to show. F--ing beautiful! CBS did their bit on Braun's campaign last night. Kurtis slobbered all over himself f--ing saying, "But I'm afraid it's too late for anybody." Yeah, Bill, Rahm's got it in the f--ing bag, right?
#5  Fake @MayorEmanuel 
Just threw this one to keep you guessin. Hope it's not Rahm's PR stooge or f--ing Ari using some mass f--ing Twitter tool. Good guess though. What's with all the f--ing lines? Trib website. That's f--ing what.
Good luck to Gery Chico today. He's gonna f--ing need it. 

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